Premier Display Cabinets

Our Premier display cabinets have been built without any compromise concerning quality, durability, rigidity of construction and aesthetics. They are ideally suited to showcasing state of the art modern items such as high tech products, or sophisticated designer goods. Feedback suggests that the Premier range has a strong impact on enhancing the perceived value of whatever items are displayed, offering you a good return on your investment.

So if you are looking for a way of:

  • Maximizing your visual marketing
  • Making it easy for the purchaser to co-ordinate and select similar products.
  • Exhibiting and detailing specific items in tactical areas.
  • Informing your visitors about the product or service in a highly effective and unique way.
  • Augmenting the value of items in such a way to help increase the sale of very expensive goods…

Then these showcases should be your first choice. They enable you to easily formulate store floor plans and inspiring arrangements to help increase product or service sales. We highly recommend them for anybody wanting to captivate, engage and propel prospective clients towards purchasing.

Making use of the creative potential of our Premier display cabinets makes a marketing plan stronger and even more memorable. Good display can turn unwanted items into highly coveted objects. That will help consumers visualize a product as well as its style in their mind, and acknowledge it when it's time to make a purchasing decision.

Increasing the perceived value of products is carried out via innovative merchandising. It's rarely adequate in any premises just to put together and exhibit products to appear attractive. Most people in retail think that if the merchandising looks good it is good enough for customers. Badly designed merchandising display set ups will result in:

  • Potential clients do not feel as if they are in exclusive surroundings.
  • Product or service value perception might be diminished.
  • Repeat product sales are usually lost.
  • There is significantly less enticement to spend.
  • People are unlikely to return to the store.

You can be sure, however, with the Premier display cases that you are showcasing your products in a prestige environment and avoid many of the above pitfalls.

Approximately 30-40% of people purchase based on pricing alone, yet at least 70% of people's acquisitions are motivated by value.

When objects are packaged in the right way and showcased stylishly, they are instantly viewed as being even more appealing.

Though reducing price ranges can attract more visitors, there is a poor influence on total profits. For example, top designer retailer Neiman Marcus has for sale products for significantly higher price levels than regular retail stores, yet many people go there with their credit cards at the ready.

Exactly why would someone prefer to spend significantly more for merchandise that can be found in another store? The solution is due to their ability to exhibit their products to make sure they look more valuable. So if you are selling shoes, handbags, women’s clothing, jewellery etc., you can never under estimate the importance of matching high quality goods with high quality shop fittings like the Premier glass display cases.

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