Rotating Display Cabinets

Key features of Rotating Display Cabinets

  • Gently revolving circular shelves
  • Rotating Cabinet Option available from Premier, Premier Lite, Elegance and Kensington ranges to fit in with existing cabinets
  • Counter top rotating glass display cabinets
  • Split cabinet options available with half static shelving and half rotating option
  • Lighting available in all cabinets
  • Delivered flat pack in crates for self-assembly or installation by our specialist team

For clever merchandising options, choose from our wide range of rotating glass display showcases and cabinets. The options include single door square cabinets with base storage cupboards to luxury hexagonal and round showcases.

Revolving display cabinets have the potential to engage more customers when products are displayed in a rotating cabinet than a static one.

Rotating glass cabinets are put to great effect in retail spaces like jewellers and boutiques to catch the eye of passers-by. Reception areas, corporate company entrance lobbies and also public venues such as libraries, museums and universities to display trophies, awards, memorabilia.

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