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How to choose a high quality glass display cabinet: The Glass

At display cabinets direct we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products to our customers. We realise that you want to buy with confidence and have a product that will last a lifetime, so we have invested in using high quality materials in the construction of our glass display cabinets. One of those materials we use throughout our range is toughened glass.

Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, gives you a high degree of safety along with security. The way in which this glass is manufactured enables it to endure above normal stresses that would cause normal glass to shatter. However, in the event that this type of glass does break, it is designed to break into lots of small pieces rather than dangerous shards, which could conflict serious injuries.

The glass we use in our glass cabinets and jewellery counters is the same type of glass that is used in car windows, scuba-diving masks, showers, architectural doors, and professional cooking utensils like Pyrex. The glass can undergo such intense use because of the chemical processes used in its manufacture. In fact, toughened glass is also used in situations of high security such as bullet-proof vehicle windows, so we are sure that it will fulfil the needs of a busy retailer!

Each of the individual panels in a glass display cabinet are cut prior to installation in the finished product and then undergo a tempering process before being fitted within the units. The glass is actually compressed to increase its strength and then tested for any cracks. This causes the glass to heat up, and then it is cooled and solidified by immersion in water. Often the glasses checked with polarised light to observe the strain patterns within it. The techniques actually goes back to the 1660’s when it was discovered that small drops of molten glass dropped in water became extremely hard, even to the point where they could be hit with a hammer without breaking.

The type of toughened glass that we use in our display cabinets makes it highly resistant to heat and impact. If somebody does clumsily drop something within one of the cabinets whilst laying out products for a display, it is highly unlikely to shatter. Even if it should break through malicious or accidental damage, you can rest assured that because of the nature inherent in the design of toughened glass, is unlikely to cause injury to staff or customers. In fact, it is often the case, that when tempered safety glass cracks, it remains within its frame.

Of course, our high-quality glass display cabinets manufactured using toughened glass will have that reflected in their prices, but we are sure that over the long term they will repay the investment. Having peace of mind along with possible compliance with health and safety regulations make choosing our units a wise move over cheaper, fragile products.