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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our display cabinets are crafted from a high-quality selection of materials, including tempered glass for safety and durability, solid hardwood and high-grade MDF for the frames, and stainless steel for the hardware. This ensures both the beauty and longevity of our pieces.

    For our Aluminium Framed cabinet there is also the anodised aluminium profile as well as HDF infill solid panels.

    Our Metal framed ranges such as the Bravura and the Precision range are Iron framed.

    Yes, we are happy to accommodate custom size requests to ensure that your display cabinet fits perfectly in your desired space. Please Contact us with your specifications, and we'll ask you some questions and then provide you with a quote for costs and a timeframe for production.

    Yes, we can ship to Europe and the Middle East. Shipping costs currently make it prohibitive to deliver to the USA, Canada and other locations. 

    We can arrange shipping in 2 ways.

    1) we can ship direct from the factory to your delivery address in Eurpoe of the Middle east or,

    2) we can provide you with details of the finished products shipment size, weight and volume so you can organize shipping and insurance your self.

    Please call and speak to one of our advisors if you are interested in having an item delivered outside the UK.

    We do offer a bespoke cabinet service. Please see our Bespoke & Custom Made Cabinets page for further information.

    As an alternative to a fully bespoke design, on many of our ranges we can modify some aspects of the cabinet to meet your requirements.

    On these products you can customise:

    • size (W x H x D)

    • standard or low iron (ultra clear) glass

    • choose adjustable shelves

    • additional shelves

    • back panel materials

    • sliding or hinged lockable doors

    • additional lighting

    • colours/veneer

    Other adaptations may be possible. Please contact us for more information.

    This is possible on some of our ranges.

    On these products you can customise:

    • size (W x H x D)

    • standard or low iron (ultra clear) glass

    • choose adjustable shelves

    • additional shelves

    • back panel materials

    • sliding or hinged lockable doors

    • additional lighting

    • colours/veneer

    Other adaptations may be possible. Please contact us for more information.

    Most products can be ordered online.

    However, we know that this may not always be possible or be the desired method of ordering. Additionally, bespoke cabinets cannot be purchased through the website. In these instances the path to ordering will include some or all of the following steps.

    1) Please call or email us with your requirements.

    2) We will then send you a quotation. For larger orders or bespoke cabinet orders this may consist of one, or a series of informal quotations followed by a formal one once the order content is agreed upon. A quotation for standard products with no customisation will usually be sent within 24 hours (excluding weekends) of receipt. Quotations for customised or bespoke cabinets can take a few days to prepare.

    3) Once you are happy to proceed with the order, please send an email to confirm acceptance of the quotation or click on the accept quotation button on the online quotation.

    4) We will then email you a PRO-FORMA INVOICE with all accepted payment methods and payment links. Once you have paid, we will be notified and we can issue you a paid reciept (automatically issued if you pay with credit card)

    5) Once we have recieved payment you will recieve a "thank you" email and confirmation that your order has been accepted and will proceed to production with our relevant factory.

    6) A few days ordering you will receive a PAID invoice and a schedule for estimated delivery. These may arrive in separate emails.

    Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

    When we email a formal quotation, there is a link in the email to view the quotation online. In the online version you can select to accept the quotation. Once you have clicked on this button our system will show us that the quotation has been accepted and we will email you an invoice. 

    Alternatively, you can email us with the quotation number and let us know that you wish to proceed with the order. Again, we will then email the invoice to you.

    From that invoice you can make an online payment by credit or debit card. The invoice will also contain our bank details if you would prefer to pay by bank transfer.

    Many of our cabinets are manufactured in Italy, others in the Netherlands. The delivery charge covers shipping from the factory in those countries to you.

    When ordering online you can make payment by credit or debit card.

    If we have sent you an invoice, in addition to paying by card you can also make payment by bank transfer.

    Yes of course. Just email in with your order number and contact details for us to check and we will send you a paid invoive for your records.

    We do not offer credit terms.

    Yes, many companies require a invoice before they make payment. If this is the case, please contact us with the items you would like to order and we will prepare an invoice for you.

    Many of our cabinets are manufactured in Italy, others in the Netherlands and so there are delivery costs associated with shipping however most of cabinets we have decided to give our clients free delivery, as it makes it simpler and provides an easier ordering process. We do have the right to charge extra delivery for Islands and Highlands as the FREE delivery is only for UK maonland. Our custom cabinets do have a custom delivery charge with them but and delivery or shipping charged will ALWAYS be quoted prioir to any job being ordfered. 

    Tailgate delivery mean that the delivery vehicle will pull up near your premises and the driver will bring your goods to the back of the vehicle and off load onto the pavement where the back of the delivery vehicle is. You will then be responsible to move your cabinet from there into your premises.

    The majority of our cabinets are made to order, and some of them are made in Italy and the Netherlands. Our lead times reflect the time to manufacture the cabinet, bring it to the UK (where applicable), and deliver it to you.

    We have some cabinets which are held in stock in the UK and can be delivered in 5-7 working days. These cabinets can be found here.

    We can deliver to Ireland however the process is just as delivering to Europe and there are special documentation and a larger cost. Please email info@display-cabinets-direct.co.uk

    Yes, we can deliver to different levels other than ground floor but we do need to know about this as most deliveries are made using a tailgate service which is where our cabinets are delivered kerbside and you are responsible for taking the cabinet inside.

    We do offer an installation service which can include delivering and installing the cabinet in the room of your choice. The charge for the installation service would reflect such factors as access and the floor the cabinet is being installed on.

    If you are interested in this service please contact us with details of where the cabinet would need installing

    Our product range includes both cabinets that are supplied flat pack and require assembly, and those that are delivered assembled.

    The product description on each product will state whether an item is supplied fully assembled or will require assembly.

    Some of our custom larger units are made on site. 


    Instructions are provided with those cabinets that require assembly. In our opinion a person with moderate DIY skills would be able to put these cabinets together.

    Larger cabinets would require two persons to put them together.

    No, for most cabinets all that would be required would be screwdrivers and allen keys.

    Yes, we use fitters based in Northampton and Perth. 

    We can install to locations within 100 miles of these places, with prices starting at £499. The charge will vary depending on varying factors such as location, access to the property, the floor the cabinet is being installed on. Please contact us for a quotation.

    However most of our display cabinets are designed for easy installation and come with basic assembly manuals. 

    In some circumstances it may be more economical to hire a local professional to assist with the installation, and we can help point you in the right direction to find a competent installer.

    Whilst the majority of our cabinets are delivered within the period specified on the product page, it would be wrong of us to claim that problems cannot occur.

    As part of our order process we will keep you informed during the production and delivery phases of the order. Should we see that there is a potential for delay we wil let you know.

    Hopefully, this will not happen with your order, but should there be a delay we will communicate with you and let you know how much long the delay will be.

    We hope that you are happy with your purchase but we know that at times problems can arise.

    Should there be a problem with you cabinet please in the first instance please report the issue in writing by either emailing us at info@display-cabinets-direct.co.uk or by using the contact us page.

    In your message please include your order number so we can locate your order.

    We will then acknowledge your email and let you know how we can resolve the issue.

    Passive climate control in museum glass cabinets involves maintaining stable temperature and humidity levels within the cabinet without the use of active mechanical systems. One commonly used material for passive climate control is Prosorb, which is a type of desiccant material.

    Prosorb is a silica gel-based desiccant material that absorbs moisture from the air, helping to regulate humidity levels within the cabinet. It is often used in museum display cases to protect artifacts from damage caused by fluctuating humidity levels.