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    Extra Wide Display Cabinets

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    Discover Our Comprehensive Range of Large and Extra Wide Glass Display Cabinets

    At Display Cabinets Direct, we specialize in providing an extensive selection of large, extra wide, and extra large glass display cabinets, designed to meet the diverse needs of retail, exhibition, and collection display environments. Our showcases are available in a variety of dimensions, ensuring there is a perfect fit for every space.

    Premier Collection of Wide and Extra Wide Glass Display Showcases

    Our premier collection features the widest standalone glass display cabinets on the market, with options measuring up to 1.8 metres in width. These extra wide glass showcases are designed to enhance visibility and offer maximum display area, making them ideal for high-impact retail and exhibition environments.


    Key Features:
    • Variety of Sizes: Choose from wide glass showcases in widths of 126cm, 142cm, and 182cm.
    • High-Quality Glass: All our cabinets are constructed from toughened glass, suitable for public display areas and ensuring the safety and security of your items.
    • Versatile Storage Options: Adjustable shelving and lockable drawers in the base unit provide practical storage solutions for varying product sizes.
    • Integrated Lighting: Enhance the visual appeal of your merchandise with optional lighting available in all cabinets.


    Big and Long Display Showcase Solutions

    For those requiring larger dimensions, our big and long glass display cases offer expansive space to showcase products effectively. These large glass cabinets are perfect for displaying everything from retail merchandise to collectibles, providing a stunning visual display that attracts and holds attention.

    Additional Benefits:
    • Lockable Glass Doors: Ensure the security of your displayed items with lockable glass doors.
    • Easy Assembly: Delivered flat-pack in crates for self-assembly or optional installation by our specialist team.
    • Customisation: Tailor your glass display cabinet to fit the unique needs of your space with our custom design options.


    Extra Long and Large Glass Display Cases for Comprehensive Displays

    Expand your display capabilities with our extra long and large glass display cases. These substantial units are perfect for creating continuous, cohesive displays in larger retail spaces or galleries. Our modular showcase options allow for the seamless integration of multiple units, providing a custom fit that enhances your overall display strategy.


    Tower Showcases and Glass Display Cabinets for Elegant Presentations

    Elevate the sophistication of your display with our tower showcases and glass display cabinets. These units are ideal for high-end merchandise, allowing items to be viewed from multiple angles in a secure and beautifully lit environment. Our tower showcases are a popular choice for jewellery, antiques, and other valuable items that require a touch of elegance.


    Why Choose Display Cabinets Direct for Your Glass Display Needs?

    As a leader in the design and manufacture of glass display solutions, Display Cabinets Direct offers:

    • Extensive Product Range: From extra large to extra wide and long display showcases, our product range is designed to meet every need.
    • Quality Craftsmanship: Manufactured from the finest materials, our glass display cabinets ensure durability and security.
    • Custom Solutions: We provide both pre-made and custom-made options to perfectly align with your spatial and aesthetic requirements.
    • Professional Installation: Choose our expert team for on-site assembly, ensuring your display is set up with precision and care.


    Complete Your Shop Fit-Out with Our Glass Display Units

    Our super wide glass display units are perfect for complete shop fit-outs, providing a cohesive and attractive retail environment. Combine them with our glass counters and complementary display units for a comprehensive retail solution. Speak to our sales team today to learn about great deals on bulk purchases and how you can achieve significant savings.


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