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    Retail & Shops

    Retail Glass Cabinets

    What can I expect to pay?

    Custom bespoke Retail & Shop Cabinets, designed for various display needs, start at approximately £4,000 for standard 1-meter models. Perfect for retail environments, they effectively showcase items ranging from exclusive merchandise to high-value products, combining functionality with stylish design.

    Larger, more sophisticated 4-meter cabinets, featuring amenities like mirrored backs, advanced lighting, and robust security systems, start from around £9,500. These cabinets are ideal for displaying a wide array of retail goods, epitomizing both luxury and security.

    A notable project, involving extensive customization for a prestigious retail client, was completed for about £22,000. This project was lauded for its outstanding design and exceptional craftsmanship, demonstrating our dedication to creating displays that not only protect but also enhance the appeal of the items displayed

    Design, size and specification increase the relative price.

    Our Types

    Modular cabinets
    Aluminium framed display cabinets
    Custom Full shop fitting


    Custom Bespoke Retail & Shop Glass Cabinets