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    Branded Glass Cabinets

    Custom Made Glass Display Cabinets To Specific Brands

    What can I expect to pay?

    Custom bespoke Branded Glass Cabinets, crafted for specific branding and display needs, start at around £4,000 for standard 1-meter models. These cabinets are ideal for showcasing a range of branded merchandise, from exclusive products to promotional items, combining functionality with an elegant design that enhances brand visibility.

    Larger, more detailed 4-meter cabinets, fitted with features such as mirrored backs, advanced lighting, and superior security systems, begin at approximately £9,800. Perfect for displaying an extensive and diverse range of branded items, these cabinets reflect both luxury and security.

    A prominent project, involving meticulous customisation for a high-profile client, was completed for about £23,000. This project was highly praised for its outstanding design and exceptional craftsmanship, highlighting our dedication to creating displays that not only secure but also impressively showcase the branded items within.

    Design, size and specification increase the relative price.

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    Custom Bespoke Branded Promotional Glass Cabinets