Custom Colours, Sizes and Specifications

Custom colours, sizes and specifications

At Display Cabinets Direct we can customise the size, style and colour of your cabinet in many ways. Why not send us the cabinet style you have seen plus your custom details so we can help you to create your own cabinet.


Veneers & laminated

We can finish our timber sections on our cabinets in an array of laminates and wood veneer finishes subject to availability.

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Glass laquering and insertions

We can also laquer glass in a variety of colours and also insert fabric into laminated glass sections (such as linen, cotton and fishnet fabrics.)

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Custom sizes

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Back Board Options

Along with all the variations and custom options being added to your cabinet you should also consider what kind of back board you need. We have more options than you would think when it comes to the backs of cabinets, we have mirrored, wooden, glass (clear), white or coloured.


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Doors & Locks:

We can supply hinged doors or sliding doors, all being lockable and strengthened to prevent break-ins as much as possible. Our locks are Abloy and RFID locks enabling maximum safety.

Premier Glass Display cabinets


We can supply static shelves or adjustable shelves and of course extra shelves if you need them within reason. Before deciding the amount of shelves you would like be sure to visualise the contents inside to come to an accurate number.


For multiple cabinets we are able to brand and design your cabinet by adding your custom graphics to the base of your cabinet (if there is a base to be worked with as shown in the picture above.)