Bespoke and Custom made Display Cabinets

If you wish to order a bespoke cabinet, please fill out this form.


Display Cabinets Direct do provide a huge range of Glass Display Cases and Glass Cabinets, however, if you cant find a glass display case to meet your exact needs we can supply a  bespoke glass cabinets made to measure.

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We do specialise in providing custom built displays for your individual project or job.


If you have looked at our standard range but need some thing different such as:

• a different size or shape
• a specific style, colour or design requirement
• more security
• products that need to be displayed in a specific environment or temperature
• large or unusual items displayed


Optional Extras for your Display

We work with you to create the perfect display for your needs. Wether it be for a  museum, visitor centre, shops, retail outlets, exhibition, home, collection or public building.

Some of the features that we can offer are:

Specialist Glass - We can supply laminated and low reflection glass on all glass display cabinets and counters.
Or to protect items from the damage of sunlight we can specify UV Filtering glass on display cases.


Extra Security – Our High security locks are available for very high value items. We can add audible warning security systems, glass break sensors and internal alarm systems to alert intrusion can also provide even extra security for your items on display.

Environment Temp and dust Control - Dust proofing, Humidity control, dust filters and positive pressure to protect displayed items that can be affected by a poor environment.

Additional Lighting – Extra lighting can be included and also LED lighting and fibre optic lighting for specific lighting requirements.

Quotes for Custom Display Cabinets


To provide an estimate for your bespoke glass cabinet we will need your exact requirements to base our quotation on.

Click here for our  Bespoke Cabinet Request form

Example of Information we require: 

• Complete dimensions (w) x (d) x (h) in millimeters please.
• Lighting Required? If so what type? LED, HALOGEN
• Sliding or hinged doors
• Colour of finish
• Number of Shelves (do they need to be adjustable?)
• Any special requirements i.e. laminated glass, high security locks etc.

If there are any other specialist display requirements please make us aware, we will try our best to find a cabinet that suits all your needs.

Click here to download your Custom Cabinet Design form.

 Bespoke Cabinet Request form, and email it to