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    Schools, Academics & Collages

    Bespoke School Display Cabinets

    What can I expect to pay?

    Well, it depends! Its all dependand on the size, finish, specifications, lighting and off course level of finish and design involved.

    Some standard 1m Cabinets which are only customized by about 10% can be from £ 3500 upwards.
    However som eof our large 4 meter cabinets with mirrored back, sliding doors, extra lighting can be installed from £7000 upwards.

    We also fit cabinets in alcoves and can create cabinets that are L shaped in configuration and are higher than normal with cupboards. One such school design and install with extra lighting was a £21,000 project. (the school was very happy with design and finish)

    Design, size and specification increase the relative price.

    Our Types

    Trophy Cabinets
    Wall Mounted
    Long & Wide Cabinets


    Custom Bespoke School Glass Cabinets