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    Custom Trophy Cabinets

    Our Trophy Display Cabinets

    What can I expect to pay?

    When considering a custom bespoke trophy cabinet, the cost is influenced by several factors including the design, size, finish, and additional features like lighting and storage options.

    For a basic custom trophy cabinet with minimal customizations, prices start from around £3750. These typically include standard 1-meter cabinets adapted to your specific requirements.

    For more elaborate designs, such as larger 4-meter trophy cabinets featuring mirrored backs, sliding doors, and enhanced lighting, the starting price is approximately £7950 These premium options are perfect for showcasing prestigious awards and accolades.

    We also specialize in fitting trophy cabinets in unique spaces like alcoves, or crafting L-shaped cabinets that are taller than average and include integrated storage cupboards. A recent project for a sports club, which involved a high level of customization and additional lighting, was completed for around £19500. The club was exceptionally pleased with the design and the quality of the finish.

    Design, size and specification increase the relative price.

    Our Types

    Single towers
    Wall mounted
    long & wide

    Custom Bespoke Trophy Display Cabinets