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    Elegance Lite Display Cabinet Collection

    The Elegance Lite range of cabinets and counters uses curved glass to created showcases with rounded glass ends. This design feature created at the factory in Italy, makes this range stand out from most others.

    With this system it is also possible to slant the shelves to make it easier to view items at the back of the display.

    We've called it Elegance Lite as this system has a smaller top and base section at 2.5cm.

    It is available with a light grey or glossy white finish. Special finishes may be possible, please contact us to discuss this possibility.

    This system does not have a frame so the view there is little to impede the view into the cabinet. All counters and cabinets have toughened glass, lockable doors, LED side lighting, height adjustable shelves and 13cm legs.

    The Elegance Lite range is supplied flat pack ready for assembly.

    Due to the curved design customisation of this range is not possible.

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    Curved and Round Glass Showcases for the UK

    The Beauty Unveiled:

    Witness the seamless fusion of form and function. Our glass cabinets stand as a testament to the harmonious marriage of craftsmanship and design. Each showcase is a crystal-clear canvas that transforms your products into mesmerising works of art, allowing their allure to shine through.

    Radiance Beyond Compare:

    Experience the radiance that only the finest showcases can provide. Enhanced with optional side lights, your products will bask in an enchanting glow that accentuates their features and uniqueness. The possibility to customize colors ensures a perfect alignment with your brand's identity.

    Milan's Artistry, Your Brand's Canvas:

    Crafted in the heart of Milan, our Round Frameless Glass Cabinets and Curved Showcases embody the city's reputation for style and innovation. These pieces redefine elegance and provide your business with an edge that commands attention in any space.

    For Visionaries and Collectors:

    Designed for businesses, boutiques, sports clubs, and collectors who understand the power of aesthetics, our showcases are more than displays – they're conversations, experiences, and statements.

    Elevate your displays to a realm where art meets commerce. Contact us to embrace the sophistication of Milan's craftsmanship and unlock a world of captivating possibilities.