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    Glass UV Bonded Display Cabinets

    What can I expect to pay?

    Custom bespoke Glass Boxes & Cabinets, crafted to suit a variety of display needs, begin at around £4,000 for standard 1-meter models. Ideal for exhibiting a range of items, from collectibles to personal treasures, these cabinets merge functionality with aesthetic appeal.

    Larger, more elaborate 4-meter cabinets, boasting features like mirrored backs, advanced lighting, and robust security systems, start from approximately £9.800. These exquisite cabinets are perfect for presenting diverse and precious collections.

    A notable project, involving extensive customization for a distinguished client, was accomplished for about £23,000. This project garnered praise for its exceptional design and craftsmanship, showcasing our ability to create displays that not only protect but also beautifully highlight the items within

    Design, size and specification increase the relative price.

    Our Types

    UV Bonded Boxes

    glass boxes

    Glass Bonded Pedestals

    Glass Edged Display with Lighting

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    Custom Bespoke Glass Boxes