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    3 Tips on Displaying Jewellery in Glass Display Cabinets

    Sales of jewellery are directly correlated to the way they are presented to the public. It is absolutely essential that you understand some of the nuances of how to lay out your glass display showcases in order to get through to potential clients. Marketing analysts and researchers have performed tests that prove beyond all doubt that people react positively to well thought out displays. So how do you go about trying to entice and excite potential clients?

    Don't overdo it

    Copywriters and savvy web designers have known for a long time that simplicity is often the key to a successful marketing idea. By way of example, and as you are reading this online, let us look at the case of the simplicity of Google and its website compared to the competition that existed in the past amongst search engines. In the old days search sites were cluttered, untidy places, festooned with everything from weather reports, TV listings and flashing share prices. The search bar was almost obscured by all the ads, info widgets and news items. Not so with Google, who have stuck to their simplistic, centrally placed search bar, with minimal distractions around it.

    The same principle can be applied to displaying products inside your display cases. You have to be careful to avoid what is known as option fatigue, by presenting too many items within one display cabinet. If you tried to squeeze in too much jewellery in an attempt to increase your sales it is likely to backfire on you as customers become confused and have nowhere to really focus their eyes.

    Everything you look at, whether it be a newspaper, website, or glass display case, has what is known as a visual heat map. These are zones that attract the eyes more than other areas. Newspapers and websites generally draw the eye to somewhere around just below top centre. You can be sure that there are spaces within your cases that will draw more attention and you can use this to your advantage to highlight products.

    Avoid monotony

    You can create customer empathy by trying to stand out from the bog standard idea that jewellery is too serious to engage in any kind of humour. In my opinion, most jewellers’ displays are serious to the point of monotonous boredom. Often there is nothing to break up the endless rows of rings, chains and necklaces. Why not throw a spanner into the works and add something completely out of sync with everything else? Use your imagination, and maybe involve the customer in a walk-through that tells a story. It could have the theme of buried treasure for example. The first items could be displayed via use of nautical props such as old treasure maps, ships rope, and a compass. You could end up by having a display counter lined with sand and have some of your most precious items partially buried!

    The above is just an idea, but I have seen something similar in real life at an exhibition in Munich several years ago, where it did attract above normal attention compared to the other jewellery stands.

    Split test

    This is another tried and tested method of optimising your visual merchandising. It has been used for many years by online businesses. The basic idea is to test the effectiveness of a layout, whether that be a glass display cabinet or a website for example, and then change it and test whether the conversion rates increase or decrease. Online this is usually done by having visitors go to one of two templates that have been set up for a website landing page. 50% of the visitors go to one page and 50% go to the other and the statistics are then analysed to see which has the highest conversion rate.

    Applying the same principle to displaying jewellery in glass display cabinets or display counters, you could try changing your layouts every month and seeing if it has any effect on sales. You can experiment with this split test on just one of your display cases or throughout your entire retail space.

    For more information on how to optimise your retail space using glass display cabinets and counters, please contact display cabinets direct. We will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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