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    8 Uses for Your Glass Display Cabinet

    Your glass display case has a variety of uses if you get creative enough.

    Back in the day, encyclopedia salesmen would offer to include a glass display cabinet with your purchase as a place to store the books.

    But in 2018, there isn't a lot of use for encyclopedias, but glass display cabinets remain a popular way to store and display a variety of items.

    If you are considering purchasing one for your home, check out some of these great ideas for what to fill it with.

    1. Make an Indoor Garden

    If you have an extra wide glass display cabinet, then you can fill its shelves with plants.

    Indoor gardens are a great way to make your home feel fresh every season of the year. Try purchasing herbs so you can use them in your cooking.

    2. Turn it into a Liquor Cabinet

    When you have guests over it's always nice to offer them a drink and when you have a glass display cabinet, it really makes you look classy.

    With the right size cabinet, you can display all your glassware and liquor bottles to impress anyone who comes by for a drink.

    3. Objects of Curiosity

    The best part about looking at someone's display case is discovering a little more about the life they have led.

    But if you feel like you have enough of your collections and awards displayed elsewhere in your home, then it can be a fun idea to fill a case with objects of curiosity.

    Try checking out some of the stores around you for animals that have been stuffed and pieces of artwork that are on the edge of vulgarity.

    4. Displaying Glass

    What better purpose is there for a glass display cabinet than displaying glass?

    These pieces of furniture are designed to hold and display fragile items. By keeping your glass in a cabinet, you will protect it from potential breakage.

    It will also look beautiful, especially if you buy a cabinet that has a mirrored back and good lighting.

    5. A Pop of Color

    A display cabinet is a great place to bring a pop of color into a room.

    Try coordinating your objects with matching throw pillows in the same accent colors to tie the look in with the rest of the room.

    6. Rowhouse Kitchen Storage

    Display cabinets aren't just for looking pretty, they can also serve a very functional purpose.

    If you have a rowhouse or galley-style kitchen then you may have trouble finding places to store all your glassware and pantry items.

    But with a thin case, you will have the ability to tastefully display these items without taking up much room in your walkway.

    7. Display Your Collections and Accomplishments

    A display case is a great place to show off your awards and trophies from your's and your child's accomplishments.

    Why not celebrate everything you've done and be reminded of that success every day? Knowing they will be recognized can be a great way to motivate your child to achieve more.

    8. Store Your Books

    Many people choose to store their books on a bookcase. But with a display cabinet, your books will get less dusty and stay in better condition for longer.

    They won't be as affected by the humidity and temperature changes in your home. Make sure you consider the possibility of your collection expanding and purchase a case that will fit your needs for years to come.

    Measuring and Arranging Your Cabinet

    Getting the result you want from your glass display cabinet is all about choosing one of the right size. Other than that, most cabinets have the same features.

    Make sure you measure the items you plan to display by both width and height. That way you know they will fit perfectly. Factor in some extra inches to your measurements to make sure your objects look visually stunning.

    Next, it's time to fill your cabinet. Place the large items in first and fill around them with your smaller items. If you find that there isn't enough contrast to make your items pop, then you can try bunching up contrasting fabric behind them.

    Features of Some Cabinets

    Although most display cabinets look pretty much the same, there are a few different aspects for you to consider when choosing one.

    First, you need to decide whether you want one that has lights in it or not. This decision should be made based on what you plan to store on the shelves.

    For example, if you are going to use a lot of brightly colored glass objects, then lighting would make a lot of sense. But if you plan to fill your shelves with books, then most traditional backlights would not be visible.

    If you do want to store your books and have a lit cabinet, then you could try one that has its lights mounted on the underside of the shelves at the front of the cabinet so that you will be able to read the spines of your books as you peruse.

    Another optional design feature is having a mirrored back. This allows you to view the contents of the glass display cabinet from multiple angles and can be especially flattering when combined with a lighted display.

    Choosing a Glass Display Cabinet

    Although we have already considered many of the features of display cabinets, there are still some guidelines to discuss before you are ready to purchase one.

    Once you have decided what you want to fill your cabinet with, you should pick one that displays those items well.

    Cabinets come in curvy as well as standard shapes and can be purchased to go in the corner of a room or along the wall.

    Try to choose a light color finish for cases that will display dark objects and a dark case for light objects. This will make your items really pop.

    Where to Find a Glass Display Cabinet

    There is a reason that glass display cabinets are so popular. It's a great way to display items that are important to you and bring a fresh and beautiful look to your home.

    If you are looking to purchase a cabinet, check out our selection today.

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