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    9 Man Cave Decor Ideas: How To Display Your Sports Memorabilia

    Your man cave should reflect who you are. If you are a sports fan, get some man cave decor ideas for how to display your memorabilia here.


    Your man cave is your zone. It's your domain to decorate in the way that best represents who you are. 

    It's the ideal place to display your sports memorabilia. Whether it's a valuable collection or a hobby, your memorabilia deserves a place of honour. 

    The decor in your man space is critical to best highlight your sports accessories. Check out these nine man cave decor ideas for your sports memorabilia.

    1. Colour Your Cave

    The colours of your man cave set the tone. Depending on your style, stick with deep solid colours. 

    Browns, blacks, and tans translate well into man cave decor. You'll also impress your buddies with a rustic atmosphere. Wood and metal accents work well to achieve this look.

    If you're feeling more colourful, pick your favourite sports team and add a few team colours. 

    2. Choose Your Electronics

    Every man cave needs a perfect combination of electronics. 

    You need the right big-screen television with surround sound to capture a game-like atmosphere on game day. 

    Don't skimp on the television size or quality. Nothing is worse than inviting your buddies over to watch the game on a TV that doesn't show every detail of the action. 

    3. Decorate the Walls

    These cave walls are your walls. They should reflect your personal style and the things you enjoy most.

    Your favourite teams should be on display with posters and framed jerseys.

    If you're a hunter, show off your prized pieces. If you love to travel or have other hobbies, make sure you represent them in your wall decor. 

    You don't need anyone's decorating permission in your man cave. It's all yours. 

    4. Display Your Collections

    Your sports stuff is probably not allowed anywhere but in your man cave. It's not allowed to conflict with the decor in other parts of the house.

    Take advantage of this opportunity to display your trinkets and trophies with pride. 

    Use glass cases to show off your memorabilia. 

    Whether it's a classic sports collection you've compiled over the years or your league soccer jerseys from the past decade, a glass case is the perfect way to organise and show your memories.

    5. Create Your Lighting

    The lighting in your man cave should be coy. But you also want the glory of your memorabilia to shine through.

    Add soft lighting for the general atmosphere. Avoid bright overhead lights.

    Show off your baseballs and baseball cards, jerseys, autographed footballs, and more with focused lighting in your glass cases. Or position spotlights toward framed jerseys and other wall decors.  

    Whether it's your glory years or the glorious moments of your favourite team, don't leave it in the dark. 

    6. Pick Comfy and Convenient Furniture

    The man cave is the place for oversized leather couches. And it's the perfect place for big recliners that aren't allowed where the fancy "guest" furniture sits.

    You want your buddies to have the ultimate comfortable and convenient experience in your man cave.

    Choose furniture with cup holders and built-in refrigerators. Your man space will be the place everyone wants to be for game day. 

    7. Bring in the Toys

    Your man cave should be a home for more than ball games. It should be a respite for your dudes to gather when the women have a ladies night out. 

    A pool table helps create the complete man cave. And the latest video games and consoles are almost required to consider your cave an acceptable hangout. 

    If there's room, bring in a card table. Whether playing go-fish or poker, gather your guys around a good card table for the evening. 

    Make sure you install a dart board. When your team is losing, a good round of tossing darts can distract and calm you for the rest of the game. 

    8. Stock the Fridge

    You never know when you need to be ready for a last-minute dude hangout. And if your ladies are hosting a baby shower in the living room, you're trapped in your man cave for hours. 

    Keep a hefty stock of cold beverages and snacks on hand. You need protein and carb staples like beef jerky and nuts. These foods keep well long-term in case of an emergency. 

    For game day or long-term situations, keep a few phone numbers handy for food delivery. 

    Serving dishes should be simple. Paper plates and napkins with your sports team logo and plastic logo cups should do the trick.

    A man cave doesn't need to be fancy. Choose utensils, food, and drink that promote ease and function. 

    9. Be the Host

    When your man cave has reached decor and style perfection, show it off. 

    Your sports memorabilia now has a place of honour. Your buddies should see it and revere it. 

    Be game-day central. Host fantasy football night. And it's the perfect place for late night video games on the weekends. 

    While your buddies enjoy your perfect man cave, tell stories of each piece in your memorabilia collection. 

    Man Cave Decor Ideas Define Your Space

    Your man cave is unlike any other room in your home. It's important to use good man cave decor ideas to create the perfect space for your activities.

    Once you've created the cave, protect it well. You don't have to seal it off. But make sure everyone knows this is your space. 

    You don't touch the fake flowers or artsy things in the guest bedroom. Your sports memorabilia and oversized recliners are off-limits to others, too. 

    When thinking about the perfect glass display cases for your golf ball collection or high school game ball, let us help.

    We offer a wide selection of display cabinets and counters, including revolving display cabinets, aluminium glass display cabinets, and wall mounted cabinets.

    No matter your budget, we have the perfect display solution for your most sentimental pieces. We use toughened glass to keep that autographed foul ball safe behind glass.

    Contact us to get started on the right glass displays for your man cave. We'll have you ready to show off your collection for game day. 


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