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    How Glass Display Cabinets Change Product Perceptions

    Effective visual merchandising relies on a host of parameters, that if setup correctly, can drastically increase the effectiveness of your retail/display space. A major problem when considering the layout of your own premises is that your perceptions can be skewed due to familiarity with the space. You only have one chance to experience a first impression, so as the business owner, you can potentially be blind to many of the facets (and flaws) of visual merchandising using glass display cabinets.

    The way in which you display your products in terms of their physical encasement, is something, however, you can look at with fresh eyes. Glass display cabinets can work to enhance the perceived value of your product range and by comparing styles of display cabinets you can experience the first impression that potential customers have whenever they step into your premises for the first time.

    Our Elegance Round Glass Display Cabinets create a very different impression compared to our Aluminium Framed Display Cabinets. Psychologically speaking, the former tend to be perceived as almost open and friendly, and create a latent warm desire for the articles they encase. The aluminium framed display cabinets are more guardian-like and create the feeling that whatever they hold within is very precious and worth securing safely.

    Matching the correct glass display cabinet to your product range is one of the first steps to take in visual merchandising. Affluent customers searching for fine jewellery will have certain expectations created by their former shopping experiences, that may differ greatly to younger less affluent clients searching for celebrity endorsed perfume.

    A second consideration has to do with your competition. The exact same products can have extremely different perceived values depending on the professionalism and attention to detail put into the visual displays. Indeed, the same products in the exact same display cabinets can be perceived differently in a host of ways, depending on factors such as:

    ·         lighting

    ·         cleanliness

    ·         accompanying products in the same display cabinets

    ·         adjacent display systems

    ·         pricetags

    As soon as you walk into a store that is not well maintained, even if it is in regard to minor details, your sensitivity to everything inside it is affected. Indeed, the attitudes formed of the entire establishment begin to be exaggerated, well beyond the imperfections perceived by the eyes.

    It is no coincidence that the world's finest restaurants display their desserts in immaculately set up glass display cabinets! Everything about these establishments speaks of attention to detail and clever visual marketing. From the initial pomposity of the maitre d'hotel, to the immaculately dressed and groomed waiters who serve you, through to the last part of the experience – the dessert which was displayed encased in crystal as you walked by it prior to being seated.

    Display Cabinets Direct have a wealth of experience in matching contents to cases, whether its doughnuts or diamonds! We understand the importance of creating a powerful and lasting first impression that can enhance the customer's/visitors perception of your establishment. The return on investment between shoddily displayed items and those that have been professionally set up is huge. An investment in quality in the beginning will repay itself several times over in the long-term.

    Contact us at Display Cabinets Direct for a discussion of your needs. We will be happy to help in any way we can.

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