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    5 Businesses that Benefit from Glass Display Cabinets

    At Display Cabinets Direct we have the best selection of glass cabinets and we work with a wide range of sectors that benefit from having glass cabinets for a variety of reasons. There are now a wide range of glass display cabinets available and many businesses are starting to see the benefit of having one on their premises. Whether it’s to show off expensive jewellery in a high street shop or to house industry trophies in an office environment, a glass display cabinet provides a secure, elegant looking piece of furniture that is built to last.


    We’re probably more used to seeing glass cabinets in our local jewellers, where those rings, watches and necklaces can be displayed around the shop without any danger of being mishandled. Cabinets can also be made to order in a range of styles to suit your particular business, with high security locks and the right lighting to show off your stock to the best advantage.

    Antique Dealers

    Whilst many antiques such as furniture can be displayed on the shop floor, those smaller articles need to have a safe place where visiting customers can view them without fear of theft or damage. Whether it’s a Victorian scent bottle or an example of 60s kitsch, a good glass display cabinet can help you organise your stock so that your customers can browse and you can access any object of interest with ease.


    From old records and photos to those trophies won in inter-school rivalries, a display case helps to keep those important and inspiring memories on full view for all who pass by, including pupils and visiting dignitaries. It’s not just schools that can benefit from a central place to display their achievements – community centres, hospitals and sports clubs also like to have somewhere to keep things.


    Any office with even a small amount of history will have some winning moments they would like to remind everyone of. Whether that’s the photo of a Royal visit or the award that was received for services to their industry, a glass display cabinet is ideal to show it off, either in the boardroom or out in reception where any visitor can see it.


    Go to any museum and they will generally have a good few glass display cabinets around, often for those fragile mementos of times gone by that they want to keep protected from the outside world. You can get cabinets in a variety of styles and sizes to suit almost any floor space and they keep the contents dust free and safe.

    • There are quite a few benefits of getting a glass display cabinet for your business, including:
    • A safe, eye-catching place to display your most valuable and inspiring assets for all staff and customers to see.
    • Available in a wide variety of styles and sizes to suit your office or shop space.
    • A secure, clean environment to keep your cherished mementoes safe.
    • Can be built to order and lit to enhance the content of your display.
    • Secure locks with minimum dust entry so you don’t have to spend every day cleaning the shelves.

    Whether you own a shop like a jewellers or a business that has a lot of awards to show off, or just want an attractive centre piece for your office lobby, there’s no doubt that a glass display can make a big difference to any company that wants to be seen at its best.

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