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    6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Glass Cabinet Maker

    If you want to purchase a glass display cabinet, you must know your options for manufacturers. Ask these questions before choosing a glass cabinet maker.

    Do you want your business to look more professional, cohesive, and high-end? Do you want to find more ways to display your merchandise without taking attention away from the item itself?

    Then it may be time to look into glass display cabinets. 

    Premium glass cabinets are more than just a pretty way to display your merchandise. They should also offer necessary add-ons such as built-in lights, security features, and durable glass. 

    Read on to learn the top six questions to ask for finding the best glass cabinet maker for your business! 

    1. What Types of Cabinets Do You Offer? 

    The manufacturer you choose must offer different cabinet designs, even if you're not searching for that particular type of cabinet currently. This is because you want a manufacturer who can match your needs as you grow and scale. 

    For instance, if you're opening a new jewelry business, you may not be in the market for bespoke jewelry displays now because of the high price point. However, as you grow and build your client-base, it may be something you want to invest in. 

    You don't want to have to search for a new manufacturer every time you're ready to invest in your business with high-end glass cabinetry. Here are a few types of cabinets that a manufacturer can offer: 

    • Trophy cabinets
    • Glass countertops
    • Wall-mounted cabinets
    • Glass shelving
    • Modular cabinets
    • Dustproof cabinets

    Consider the products you offer in your own business and the types of cabinets that would benefit their display in the future. 

    2. What Customizations Do You Offer? 

    You also want to make sure that the manufacturer you choose can offer a variety of customizations for the cabinet style you choose. For instance, if you sell watches or smaller items, you'll want to have custom lighting incorporated inside your cabinets to easily look at the merchandise without needing to take the item out of the cabinet. 

    Multilevel display areas are essential if you're displaying multiple types of items in the same cabinet. You also have the option to add: 

    • Branding
    • Storage areas
    • Retail fittings 
    • Locking doors
    • Sliding doors

    If you don't choose a manufacturer that offers these options, your customers may be missing out on a better experience. Security features such as locking doors are also crucial for expensive items that are out for view on your shop floor. 

    3. What Materials Do You Use? 

    When you're doing business with any company in any industry, you want to ensure that they're fully transparent about their products and services. On their website, make sure that they inform you of the cabinet specifications and that the material for cabinets they make is high-quality. 

    For glass display cabinets, you want to make sure that they're using tempered glass. Tempered glass is tougher and less prone to breaks and scratches. This is especially important if you have expensive items that are being displayed in your store. 

    4. How Long Does It Take to Make Your Cabinets? 

    This is one of the most important details you need to know, especially if you're on a tight timetable. Remember that custom made cabinets will always take longer to make, and you'll also need to account for the shipping time.

    No matter how quickly the manufacturer can make your cabinets, it's essential to plan ahead of time and give yourself lots of padding if something goes wrong while it's being made. 

    For made to order cabinets, you can typically expect about a month for manufacturing time. More time will be needed if the manufacturer you choose is busy. If you can't find the information on their website, contact customer service to see if they can provide you with an estimate. 

    5. Do You Have References and Reviews? 

    This is another crucial step that's necessary for any new business you're planning on, regardless of industry. We're living in a world now that dominated by the Internet, so it's essential that you're able to find reviews or references on the manufacturer's website or when you do a quick Google search. 

    Pay attention to the positive reviews as well as the negative ones. Do the positive reviews offer details about the service and product they received? This is a good indication that you're reading a real review from an actual paying customer. 

    You also want to be sure that the majority of reviews are positive. If you see a majority of negative reviews, this is a strong indication that you should take your business elsewhere. However, if there are only a few negative reviews, pay attention to how the manufacturer responds. 

    Are they polite with disgruntled customers or rude? Do they try to provide more solutions to resolve the customer's problem?

    6. How Are the Cabinets Shipped? 

    Last but not least, you want to make sure the company provides details on how your cabinets are shipped. These are normally heavy items that require more than one person to carry.

    Ensure that the company provides details on what you can expect when it comes to shipping so that you can make all the necessary arrangements beforehand.

    Finding the Best Glass Cabinet Maker

    Remember to answer these questions and more when you're doing your research to find the best glass cabinet maker. Remember to contact customer support if you're unable to find the answers to these questions directly on their website.

    This will give you the benefit of seeing how quickly their customer service representatives respond and if they answer your questions in a patient and professional manner. 

    Want to skip the research and order premium glass cabinets from a reputable manufacturer? Take a look at our glass cabinet collection today! 


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