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    7 Unusual Retail Display Case Ideas and Tips

    Are you looking for the best display case ideas?

    Want to be more creative in your retail store displays?

    There are many benefits of using glass display cases and cabinets effectively. Unfortunately, many stores usually use display cases in a way that doesn't get products the real interest they deserve.

    Displaying your items in an interesting way is essential for making sure you're selling plenty of products. If you want to make the most out of your display case you may want to use some of these unusual retail display case ideas.

    1. Turn Your Display Case Into Art

    One of the best ways to make your display case stand out is to make sure it is more than just a showcase of your items. Instead, you should really work on the aesthetics of the case and make it into a work of art in and of itself.

    If you can "wow" a customer with your display case alone you'll do a great job in getting them interested in the product as well. Get creative with your display case, and treat it as an artistic expression of your brand.

    An artistic design matched with the right product can be a winning combination, so look at your display case from an artists' perspective instead of simply placing your items haphazardly inside the case.

    2. Use a Consistent Style

    When designing your case, it's also a great idea to choose an aesthetic that will come together in a cohesive way. Then, make sure to think carefully about everything you put into your case and check that its overall design aligns with it.

    Depending on your store and the products you're promoting, you may want to have a more formal or luxury design. On the other hand, you may want to keep it more lighthearted or playful.

    Make sure you pick a certain style for your case and stick to it by adding items that fall under the same category into your display case. It should all mesh well to make a great overall look.

    3. Pick a Theme For Your Case

    You should also be looking for ways to tell a story with your display cases. While you won't be able to tell a narrative in the traditional sense, you can do some things to make a semblance of a story or use an overall theme to get a message across to customers.

    If there's a holiday coming up such as Halloween, for example, you may be able to come up with a concept for expressing a story related to your product. Use a concept to center your case around an idea, theme, or holiday.

    Be sure to think outside the box. Skeletons or pumpkins for Halloween may not be the choice if it's too overdone so be sure to get creative and avoid cliches when using a theme or telling a story.

    4. Pay Attention to Colors

    In addition to using a common theme or style for your display case, it's also important to think about the color scheme you'll be using. Color psychology plays a big role in retail promotions. You may want to pick a certain color palette to use and make sure that you use those colors effectively in your display case.

    If you have a display case filled with all blue, for example, or a mix of black and white, your case will become much more attention-grabbing. This kind of attention to color usage can be a great way to get your display noticed far more than it would have.

    5. Create Some Extra Dimension

    Another great thing you can do to make your display case stand out is to add a bit more dimension to it.

    One great way to do this is to add mirrors. A few mirrors placed in the right places within your case can make your case look bigger and can have an interesting effect on the eyes.

    Another great idea is to add some platforms within the case and place items on several different levels. If all of the different items in the case are the same height it can look sloppy and may lead to items not standing out as well as they should.

    6. Add Some Lighting

    While adding great lighting to your retail store can help improve the shopping experience, adding lights to within a display case itself can also be a big help.

    Adding some extra lighting fixtures within your display case can allow you to direct the attention of viewers where you want it to go. Highlighting special products or focusing a light on the center of your display case can work well to make it look truly professional.

    Lights can allow you to change the "mood" of the case and will help you create a bit of atmosphere. Using lights in the right way can be a great tool for adding extra interest to your display and can really help it stand out more than a typical display case would.

    7. Check the Spacing

    The last thing you may want to try to make your display case look great is to experiment with the spacing within your display case.

    A cluttered case with too many items in it can sometimes look very unsightly and can have the opposite effect of what you probably want to have on customers. Sometimes having a single item or just a few items in a case can really help it stand out.

    Make sure that you're using the display case to highlight the right items and not distracting them with a lot of unnecessary clutter.

    Using These Display Case Ideas In Your Store

    If you want to draw more attention to products in your store, using some of these display case ideas is the way to do it. When arranging your display case make sure that you use the above tips to make sure you're getting the most out of it.

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