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    Choosing the right type of glass display unit

    Glass display units have many advantages for both retail and domestic use. Whether you are a perfumery, a jeweller, a museum, or simply like to organise your collectables at home in a more efficient manner, obtaining the right display unit for your items is a must.

    If you have a collection of antiques, glass crystal, chinaware etc., you will find that you can organise your collection and your house much more efficiently. Likewise, if you are selling valuable items, a glass display unit will enhance their perceived value and also protect them from accidental damage.

    Being aware of the various types of glass display cabinets on the market will help you in your decision when designing a storage scheme for your home or shop. Probably the most basic type of display cabinets are the counter top types seen in jeweller's. They are generally rectangular and stand about the height of the kitchen worktop. They vary in depth but are usually approximately 600 mm from back to front. These types of display units are probably more suitable for larger rooms as they are quite bulky. On the positive side they do enable you to house large items compared to some of the smaller freestanding display cabinets.

    If you want something slightly smaller but just as efficient then think about purchasing a corner display cabinet. These enable you to maximise storage space but minimise the amount of floor space that is used. They could be suitable for an already busy shop floor or smaller apartments. Some of the corner display units are also quite tall and thereby you can use them to maximise in one area of your house or shop, effective displays.

    If your home is already fairly cluttered with furniture, you may want to consider a wall mounted unit for displaying small items. You don't have to stop collecting, or hiding away your valuables if you choose this option. Most houses have at least some free wall space so these types of glass display units are ideal because they don't take up any floor space whatsoever.

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