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    Creating a dramatic effect in your glass display cabinets through lighting

    One of the obvious benefits of displaying your products in glass cabinets is that it allows the maximum amount of light to penetrate a secure space. As in architecture, where light and space always create a happy atmosphere than darkness and claustrophobia, the way that you maximise the visual potential of your products pays off through increased sales.

    If you are dealing with products that have the ability to sparkle, such as jewellery and some high-tech gadgetry, you can experiment with the angle and type of lighting you use within your cases to maximise the dramatic effect. Today's sophisticated shoppers, hyperconscious of not only price but quality, onto really examine an item before they even consider making a purchase. If you can highlight your products in such a way that they want to go one step further and actually physically handle them and you have done your job well.

    Whether you are selling jewellery, collectables, cameras, tablets or toys, it is essential that you create a clear view of your products. You may have your good setup in a way that you think is effective, especially if you're doing that for one particular advantage point. However, once your cabinets are in place, they are subject to visual disturbances, such as shadows from customers and you have to take into account that external light may not work in creating a consistent effect.

    To overcome this, you can make use of all sorts of different types of lighting such as halogen bulbs, LED lighting, and fluorescent lightbulbs. Each creates a different atmosphere and it is important to understand how this affects the perception of whatever is inside your glass display cabinets.

    If you are new to shop display work, you would do well to do a little industrial espionage and take a few photographs of successful competitors in your market. This will give you a few ideas and insights into the best way to make use of lighting in order to increase the dramatic effect of the encased products.

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