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    Get Your Glass On! 7 Gorgeous Display Cases for Vases and Glass Trinkets

    If you are looking for display cases for vases or other products in your store, you want to choose the best ones that make an impression.

    You want to protect your products with display cases, but you also want the display cases to effectively showcase the products.

    So how do you choose the best display cases and how do you present your vases and other products?

    We've put together this comprehensive guide to show you how.

    The Best Display Cases for Vases

    When choosing a glass display case, you want to make sure that you know how to maintain them. You also want to consider your budget before deciding what to purchase. You may want to look at inspiration to decide your layout before purchasing your display cases.

    Here is how to choose and use a display case:

    1. Make Them Immersive

    You want your display cases to blend in with the decor of your showroom. Take a moment to look at the color scheme of your showroom. While you can match the colors of your display cases with your showroom, the best way to make the display cases - and your vases - stand out is through contrasting colors

    You want your display cases to immediately draw your customers in. Rather than have them looking around the showroom, they should automatically feel inclined to walk toward a display case and inspect your vase.

    2. Display Cases for Education

    You want your display cases to educate your customers on your vases. Ideally, you should have a display case that has adequate space on the inside where you can keep a small plaque or card.

    This plaque or card will provide details about the vase for your customers to easily read. You may wish to learn more about visual merchandising to know how to properly present your products to your customers.

    3. Make It Into an Exhibition

    You can keep each vase in a display case. Or you can create an exhibition. You can look into a long and wide display case that can house several vases.

    For example, if you have a collection of Ming vases, why not place them all in a single display? You can keep these vases beside one another. In front of each vase, you can place a small display card that provides details about each Ming vase.

    4. Display Cases as an Aesthetic

    The display case you choose can also have its own aesthetic value. For example, if your vase is short and stout, you may wish to opt for a small box-shaped display case.

    This will draw more attention to your vase. If you opted for a tall and narrow display case, it will have a lot of excess space that does not draw the viewer directly to the intricacies of the vase.

    5. Display Cases for Functionality

    You may even want to look at display cases that are multifaceted. For example, if you want to display all your vases in a single display case but do not like to keep them all beside each other, you may want a dinner cabinet type display case.

    For this, you may want to look into a tower cabinet and showcase display case.

    This is the type of display case that can easily be opened and have built-in shelves for keeping your vases. You may even want to install technology into your display case to add to its functionality. 

    Perhaps you can add an extra lightbulb in the display case to illuminate and highlight the features of your case.

    6. Using Minimalist Display Cases

    If you see an exquisitely-designed display case, you may be tempted to purchase it for your displaying your vases. By having a minimalist display case with a simple design, you are able to draw more attention to the vase or any other product.

    You may also want to keep a lot of space empty in your display case. If your display case can hold up to 6 vases, you may wish to opt for 3. By opting for 3, you will have your customer spend more time focusing on the fine details of each individual vase.

    This may incline them to study the vase more carefully and could influence their decision in purchasing the vase. If there are too many, then they may skim - you may attract more "window shoppers" than actual shoppers.

    Think about looking at a work of art that is housed within a simple and minimalist frame. You do not spend time focusing on your frame. You spend all your time admiring the work of art. Using this same logic, a minimalist display case is likely to draw more attention to your vase.

    For example, the Aspire collection is a great option for a minimalist display case.

    7. Using Intricate Display Cases

    Now the opposite of the previous tip. While a minimalist display case may draw more attention to your vase - an intricate display case can add to the allure of your vase. Just as a decorative frame will make a painting seem more beautiful and will add to its luster, a decorative display case will make your vases seem more luxurious.

    After all, you do not expect to see a Faberge Egg in any old display! Look for a display case that has a personality of its own to decide where to house your vases.

    You may consider a speciality or museum and dustproof display case for this.

    Different Types of Display Cases

    Finally, you want to know about the different types of display cases and display cabinets.

    This can also help you decide the layout of your showroom. You may opt for a wall-mounted display case, for example. This way, you can display all of your vases in one display. By placing them on the wall, you give them an additional air of magnificence.

    You can also opt for a pedestal display case. Many of your customers will purchase a vase and keep it on a bedside table or in their living room for others to see. Placing your vases in pedestal display cases gives your customer an idea of how a vase will look when displayed in their home.

    Show Off Your Vases!

    Now that you know the best display cases for vases and how to style them, you are ready to prepare your showroom and show off your vases!

    Be sure to read more on display cabinets and what we can offer you.

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