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    Glass Display Cabinet Lighting:

    Whether you need lighting in your display cabinet depends very much on where your items will be on show and what they are made of. In a room which is dark or dimly lit, a display cabinet which is backlit will be far more effective.

    For retail application, lighting can make the difference to getting products noticed on the shop floor. If the room is very bright and sunny, there may be no need for backlighting, at least during daytime hours. However, some items are transformed when they’re under a spotlight, crystal figurines for example. If you’re hoping to your use your display cabinet for these kinds of items, it might be a good idea to use backlighting.

    For jewellery cabinets, lighting is essential.  Products that sparkle, such as watches, jewellery and some high-tech gadgetry, you can experiment with the angle and type of lighting you use within your cases to maximise the dramatic effect

    Whether you are selling jewellery, collectables, cameras, tablets or toys, it is essential that you create a clear view of your products. You may have your cabinets setup in a way that you think is effective, especially if you're focusing on one vantage point. However, once your cabinets are in place, they are subject to visual disturbances, such as shadows from customers and you have to take into account that external light may not work in creating a consistent effect.

    Lighting is available as standard of as an optional extra in all of our cabinets.

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