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    Glass display units for the home

    Glass display units and cabinets can also be used in a nonretail setting to great effect. The British have been great collectors, the Victorians probably being the most renowned of all time. Nowadays, people are making the most of antiques as an investment in very precarious economic times. But often, people just tend to hide away their most valuable collectables, especially the small items which could be easy to steal if ever a burglar broke into the house.

    The best option, would be to secure such valuables in solidly built display cabinets and enjoy them rather than hide them away. Retail display units make it easy for collectors to show off their prized possessions at home.

    There are many benefits to storing your smaller collectables in glass display units. One obvious benefit, is that you can theme your collections and organise them really well. Also, if you have your items organised well, you are less likely to misplace them. Children are very curious, and some of the small items people tend to collect like coins for example are very tempting for small fingers! Better to display them safely than have them go missing.

    Being able to show off your collectables will also encourage you to take the whole approach to managing your valuables much more seriously. It is also a unique way of enhancing any room. Few people think to display their collectables in this way, but once setup and well-organised, they can add great interest to your home decor.

    Glass display cabinets are usually made of toughened glass, which means that your antiques can be protected and secured safely. By using a small amount of blue tack, the collectables can actually be positioned securely inside the cabinet, so even if there was an accidental nudge and you have very fragile items on display, the likelihood of them breaking is greatly reduced. The boring solution to protecting small valuables, is to hide them away in drawers wrapped up in newspaper! But why bother collecting them in the first place if you and your friends cannot enjoy them? Much better to spend a little on a suitable display unit and enjoy your hobby at the same time.

    Certain antiques may be susceptible to moisture damage. With careful lighting and the benefits of a sealed glass display unit, you can protect collectables from changes in humidity and temperature. Wooden antiques, especially those made from tropical hardwoods such as tribal carvings, masks and suchlike, are very susceptible to damage by moisture and the wrong levels of humidity. You can actually control the temperature and humidity inside a glass cabinet so as to preserve the integrity of these types of antiques. Museums do this all the time and create different temperature zones according to the origins of the artefacts they are displaying.

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