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    Handle With Care: 7 Helpful Tips for Moving Bespoke Glass Furniture

    Bespoke glass furniture must be handled and packed with a lot of care! Here are some tips to help you safely pack or move your delicate glass furniture.

    As a business owner, you probably have products you showcase in all sorts of display cabinets. They've worked well for years, and business is booming. And now, you have to upgrade to a larger space.
    While you can hire a moving company to transport these display cases, you may feel anxious about leaving these beautiful and expensive things in other people's hands. Fortunately, you can move them yourself without damaging these cases in transit.
    If you're planning on moving properties soon, here are 7 helpful tips for moving glass furniture.


    1. Remove All the Shelves

    The most important thing to do is to remove all the shelves, plus any shelving clips if there are any. While transporting your glass furniture, these parts are prone to shifting. If they're also made of glass, they're probably hefty and will cause quite a bit of damage if they smash into other parts of your furniture.
    Take the time to remove all moving parts from your furniture. Then, wrap them up individually in bubble wrap or old, fluffy towels or blankets. You can keep small parts like loose screws and shelving clips in a small baggie or Tupperware container.
    When loading up your moving truck or car, make sure to keep the shelves and other removed parts near the corresponding piece of glass furniture so you can find them easily for reassembling.


    2. Remove the Doors

    This will seem like an unnecessary and even tedious step, but it's vital you do it. Remove all the screws and put them in a small baggie or Tupperware container. You can then wrap the doors in bubble wrap, blanket, or comforter.
    If you're really set on leaving the doors on, or if you can't remove them for any reason, you can still transport your glass furniture; you just have to be very careful.
    Lock the doors if possible. If you can't lock them, then either tie it down or shrink-wrap your furniture. Never tape it shut, as it can damage the wood part of the door.


    3. Fill up the Empty Space

    Once you've removed all the shelves and loose parts, your furniture will be pretty empty on the inside. This will make it more susceptible to being crushed while in transit, so you want to reinforce this empty space.
    Grab as many fluffy pieces of cloth as you can; depending on the size of your glass furniture, these can be specially purchased moving blankets or towels, blankets, or comforters from your home. Take care to stuff the inside of your furniture with these pieces of cloth, but not so much that you risk shattering the glass from the inside.


    4. Cushion the Outside

    Not only does your glass furniture need cushioning on the inside, but also on the outside. You can give it extra protection by wrapping the entire thing in more moving blankets, towels, or comforters. Anything will do, so long as it covers the entire outer surface of your furniture.
    To make extra sure your glass furniture is secure for the move, you'll need to use packing tape to fasten the outer pieces of cloth. Use a layer or two on the top, middle and bottom parts of your furniture.
    If you're planning on laying your glass furniture on the side, you'll also want to grab some large pieces of cardboard. You can put these on all the sides of your furniture and tape them against the moving blanket for even more security. That way, your glass furniture has a firm surface to rest on.
    You should also lay a couple more moving blankets or comforters on top of your furniture. There's no such thing as too much safeguarding!

    5. Don't Stack Items in Your Moving Truck

    When you're renting a moving truck, it may be tempting to utilise every single square inch of it so you can get the most out of your money. But doing so can lead to disaster.
    When you put your glass furniture into the moving truck, you may notice some extra space on top. Whatever it is, do not fill the space with other furniture!
    Not only can they crush and break your glass furniture, but they can also cause it to be unstable and tip over while in transit.


    6. Keep Heavier Furniture Away From the Glass Ones

    If your other items are heavier than your glass furniture, make sure to keep them far away from one another. If that isn't possible, then you'll have to make two trips: one with the glass items, and one with the heavier items.
    While this will be more inconvenient, you'll be 100% sure your glass furniture won't accidentally get shattered. It can save you the trouble of searching for replacements and transporting those in the future.


    7. Open the Truck Doors Carefully at Your Destination

    Depending on how far you drive and how bumpy the roads are, the contents of your moving truck may have shifted around. Even with all the precautions you took, your glass furniture may be unstable and/or something's fallen on top of it.
    Open the truck doors carefully and slowly remove each item. When it comes to your glass furniture, you should be moving them slowly and carefully anyway, as they're delicate and may shatter from a gentle bump.


    Move Your Bespoke Glass Furniture Safely

    By following these 7 simple tips, you'll be able to move your precious bespoke glass furniture safely and efficiently. Not only will you save money by not hiring movers, but you'll also get peace of mind knowing your display cases and other glass furniture gets from point A to B safely and soundly.
    If you'd like a new bespoke glass cabinet for your office, then please fill out this quote request form.


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