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    How can glass display cabinets benefit your business?

    Many of the top retail companies on the high Street pay top dollar salaries in order to find the best display managers they can. In the same way that a great portrait is not a matter of chance and just slapping paint and colours in the right place, so too is the work of a retail display artist. They take into account the same nuances of light, angles and colour as other artists in the fields of photography and art do.

    How you work with your glass display cabinets, in selection and positioning of your products, will have a profound impact on your turnover. Brands such as Next and The Gap revolutionised the way companies present their offerings to the public. These progressive companies made the leap from the bog standard and aged manequin with the label type displays, to vibrant and in-your-face more modern methods of retail display.

    The accessorise craze of the 1990s is a good case in point. Alongside their usual offerings of men and women's clothing, many companies started to specialise in a sideline which was almost like an upsell. This eventually came to be known as accessorising. Scattered amongst the stores were stands and display cabinets offering anything from belts to earrings, with some of the more expensive items cleverly displayed encased in glass display units.

    Good display artists with proven track records of increasing businesses turnovers through their implementation of display ideas can command not only top salaries, but positions of authority within large retail corporations. So important has visual display marketing become in today's marketplace, that it is even included as a component in certain degree courses, seminars are offered and there are even manuals written on the subject.

    Return on investment

    If you follow some basic principles of display artistry, any outlay on high-quality glass display cabinets should show an obvious increase in turnover in a fairly short period of time. Retail history has shown time and time again that display presentation has a direct impact on turnover that can be monitored closely.

    Focus Attention

    What is the psychology behind the way that a good display works? One of the most fundamental principles when using display cabinets to market your products, is to focus attention. In today's world people's attention is severely limited. You are competing with so much eye candy on the high Street, so much colour and noise, that you need to decide where you want your potential customers’ attention to be focused.

    If you know you have a definite sales funnel, and can focus somebody on just one product, then you've got 100% of their attention. If you split that between two different products at the same time, then obviously their attention is going to be split. This can be helpful if, for example, you are trying to show a comparative benefit of one product over another. This often works when showing a moderately priced product, and then comparing the added benefits of one is slightly more expensive.

    You don't want to divide attention too much though, otherwise if people are exposed to too much, they end up purchasing nothing because of what is known as option fatigue. This is quite wearisome and is actually a fact of human psychology, in that given too many choices, somebody will usually postpone a decision rather than make one. You have to be aware of this when organising your display cases.

    Obviously, most companies have more than one item they want to focus on. The way that you can take advantage of glass display cabinets in this regard is to group related products, or even sell set combinations. This is quite simple to do and explain with jewellery for instance. And it also happens with more mundane items such as toolsets and barbecues where he may have five or six products sold as a pack.

    We would be happy to advise you and your company on how to choose the best display cabinets for your products. Please contact us today at Display Cabinets Direct for more information on our products.

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