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    How to Choose Glass Display Cabinets for Artifacts and Antiques

    Perfect presentation starts with the right display cabinet. Learn how to select glass display cabinets for presenting antiques and museum collections.


    Are you fascinated with ancient artifacts, vintage items, and/or antiques? Do you have a collection you want to display at home? Collectors do more than gather items; they also love showcasing them.
    Whether collecting antiques is a hobby or a source of income, it’s quite an adventure. The search for artifacts can be quite educational and fun. Ancient artifacts are more accessible now than ever, too.
    They aren’t on glass display cabinets in antique shops only. Thanks to the internet, you could find the piece you’ve been seeking without having to go far. Also, you could buy antique pieces now at 20% of their selling price 15 years ago.
    After your efforts of collecting them, you’ll need something to showcase them with. Don’t know how to look for the perfect display cabinets? Read on for a guide on how to choose one for your home or antique store.

    1. Consider What You Will Put on Display

    Every antique, artifact, and vintage collector has a different focus. Some collect toys while others look to gather furniture. Your display cabinets will depend on what you want to put up for display in your home or store.
    A 2018 survey on antique collectors found some interesting results. Mid-century modern “everything”, costume jewelry, and vintage fashion are most popular for those aged 20-40. Those aged 40-60 have the same top two most popular pursuits but the third is vintage lighting pieces.
    Senior antique collectors in the age range 60-80 have a very different focus. Their top priorities are chairs, followed by Chinese antiquities and paintings. There are exceptions of course but these are only the findings from the survey on over 1,870 collectors.
    Knowing what you’re going to put in the display case is the first step. After all, you want them to be the focus in the room. Glass display cabinets only serve to highlight them in the best possible way.
    For example, you collect comic books and you wish to put a very special edition in a display case. Consider how you want to display it: closed or opened to a particular page. Will you mount the display case alongside your wall-mounted shelf or do you want it as a tabletop display?

    2. Determine the Kind of Antique Display Cabinets You Need

    After you decide what you want to put in your cabinet, only then is it time to choose a cabinet. When you choose a cabinet, consider the materials, type, and finish. Make sure these factors tie into the room you’re placing them in.
    For materials, you could have more than only glass. Some display cabinets have aluminum and wood for a more contemporary design. You can even have wooden antique display cabinets with glass doors if you want an opaque cabinet.
    The types of display cabinets vary depending on how you want to display your collection. Most store display cabinet types include jewelry, black museum, optical, countertop, and cash wrap. Tower, horizontal, wall, Queen Anne display cases, and trophy cases are those you can also get for your home.
    Remember to check the room you plan to place the display cabinet in before you make a decision. Imagine how each type will fit the general tone of the room. Also, the type you choose shouldn’t impede you from cleaning the glass display cabinet.
    The finishing accent of a display case ties the whole design together. It can be as simple as a black streamlined finish or a wood finish. You may want some display cabinets with lights to give more attention to your collection.


    3. Check the Dimensions of the Display Cabinet

    When it comes to glass display cabinets, size is very important. In actuality, it should be the first thing you check. First, find out how much space you have in your home or store for a display cabinet before you go out hunting for one.
    You want one that isn’t too big or too small for your space. If possible and unless you have the space for it, avoid anything too big for your home. Remember, larger, bulkier cabinets in the home can be difficult to keep safe around small children.
    Glass displays that are small for space at least allow for furniture arrangement. Check the height as well and not only the width and length. Do this especially when you have wall fixtures over the space for the display cabinet. 
    For custom glass displays, the makers would often do the measuring. However, it’d be better to check the measurements yourself still. If you’re looking for retail display cabinets, bespoke cabinets are good investments.


    4. Enhance Your Creativity with Glass Display Cabinets 

    As a collector, you want the ability to display your items in a creative way. For many, it’s fun to figure out where each antique piece should go in the display case. It’s often not enough to place them all in a line for the display.
    Certain people like to arrange their collectibles by color, age, or value. Others look to show a story in the way they display their collections. Some like simplicity and like to give each piece its own space.
    You most likely have a unique and personal way of showcasing your artifacts. When you look for a glass display case, make sure it doesn’t limit your creativity. We know it’s important to you how you present each item you’ve collected. 
    For example, you like to apply dynamic narratives in your display cases. You may want a display case that allows you to place a kind of atmospheric background on one side. You might also want a display case that lets you highlight certain pieces with light.


    Exhibit Your Collection in Style

    Collecting antiques is about love, not money. You may do it to give your home a vintage style or you do it for sentimental value. You could do it for the exciting chase of the search or you do it so you could restore an item to its old beauty. 
    For whatever reason you gather these old collectibles, you need glass display cabinets. Artifacts and antiquities are more enjoyable to view in clear and stylish cases. Many quality cases aren’t too expensive as well.
    If you found this post worth the read, check out our posts for more guides like this. If you’re interested in getting a glass display cabinet, contact us today.

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