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    How to Choose the Right Glass Cabinet Display Case for Your Shop

    Would you like to know how to choose the right glass cabinet display case for your shop? Read on to learn everything that you need to know on the subject.

     Did you know that most people will look left before turning right, as they enter a shop? Buyer habits such as this are crucial knowledge to get customer attention when planning your store. So how can you make sure they see your most important products?

    One way to do this is with the correct display. Below, we give our guide on what to consider when you buy a glass cabinet display case.

    The Use for the Cabinet

    Before you even start to look at a glass cabinet display, you need to consider what it will be for. Cabinets have a number of different styles, types, and sizes. You can not make a decision on which to buy, unless you know what it will actually be used for.

    Will you be using it purely to display items for decoration? Or are you trying to sell them? Will you need to get products in and out of the cabinet on a regular basis, or will it be permanently locked?

    Size of the Glass Cabinet

    Once you know what you are using the cabinet for, you should know the size and weight of the items you want to contain within. The aim is to select a cabinet that can house the items without straining the furniture. They also need enough space so items can be displayed and do not look crowded while on show.

    Another size factor to consider is the shelving space, both vertically and horizontally. If items are too tall for the shelves, you will have to find ones that are adjustable or get a different shaped cabinet.

    Finally, what is the size of the floor space that you have available? Are you trying to fit a cabinet into a certain alcove or corner that may require very specific dimensions?

    Style of Cabinet

    The next consideration is the style of cabinet required for your shop. If you have already decorated, then you need a glass cabinet display that fits into the existing style. If not, then you have the option to build the shop around the types of display cabinets.

    Many people opt for a clear glass cabinet that has a minimalist style. They often have lighting, chrome and large clear panels. These work best if you have a modern, sleek store.

    However, more traditional cabinets are available. if you have wooden flooring, there are plenty of options that use light woods to blur the line between floor and cabinet. They offer a warmer feeling to modern, minimalist cabinets, but can still come with all the features.


    Lighting in glass cabinet display cases is much more important when you have a shop. You need to make your items stand out, and frame them so they look like something people would want to buy. As well as the product, a good cabinet will also enhance the aesthetics of the space.

    LED lighting is a fantastic option. It has low running costs, making it very energy efficient. This is important if your cabinets are in a window and need to be on 24 hours of the day.

    The downside to lighting is that it can give off heat. Check with the manufacturer that the cabinet materials are heat resistant. You should also ensure the heat does not cause any damage to the items within.

    Working Out a Budget

    The budget for your glass cabinet display will come from the cost assigned to fitting out your store. This allows you some flexibility because you can reallocate funds to buy the shelving you want. However, you should never sacrifice cheaper display cabinets to make budgetary gains in other areas.

    The best way to do it is start with a quality cabinet you like. If it has added features, see if it is available without them to bring the price down. You may also be able to get the cabinet in a smaller size to lower costs.

    You then need to decide if display cabinets will be your only method of showcasing products. Some stores have their main products in cabinets and put the day-to-day stock on shelving.

    Style of Shelving

    Another consideration to make is the type of shelving for your glass cabinet. Essentially, you are choosing between the option to have glass shelving or to opt for wire and wood ones. Wood gives a very traditional, sturdy look, while glass increases visibility and adds the illusion of space to your shop.

    Considering the items you need to display will also be a factor. If you have items that need to be laid flat, lots of shelves with little vertical clearance will work. You may wish to opt for tiered shelving so that more items can be displayed on each shelf.

    Bespoke Displays

    If you really can't find something to suit your needs, then it is possible to order bespoke displays. Of course, these will cost more than other solutions. Despite this, they are often not as much as people think.

    Speak to a glass cabinet display case store about your individual needs. They may provide solutions you have overlooked, or may be able to modify existing fittings. In either instance, they may be able to accommodate your needs and create a unique display option just for you.

    Buying a Glass Cabinet Display Case

    Once you know what you want to put in a glass cabinet display case, along with a size and budget, you just need a supplier. Always go with trusted retailers, checking online for reviews. Don't be afraid to shop around for the best prices.

    Your first stop should be Glass Cabinets Direct. We have a range of options grouped by type or collection. Click here to contact us and discuss your cabinet needs.


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