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    Indoor Plant Decor 101: Using Round Glass Cabinets as Mini-Greenhouses

    Plant collectors everywhere are making the most of their spaces by using round glass cabinets as greenhouses. Here's how you can do your own.

    If you're considering growing and nurturing indoor plants, you're making a great choice. There are a plethora of science-backed health benefits to displaying plants and flowers in your home, including a decrease in anxiety, a boost in your immune system, and an increase in overall air quality and the respiratory benefits that come with this.
    Using round glass cabinets to create a greenhouse is one of the best things you can do for your home both aesthetically and practically. Here, we're going to talk about how you can get started on this project, so read on to learn how you can improve your home with plant life.


    Choose the Right Round Glass Cabinets

    The first step to creating an awesome greenhouse is selecting the appropriate cabinets for your room. This means considering the amount of space you have so that you can select the right size cabinets. Measure the square footage of your empty floor space and determine how much room you have by multiplying the area's width times its length.
    If you find that you need more room, consider moving furniture around and revamping your room to create enough space for your indoor greenhouse. You also can purchase round glass cabinets that serve as countertops in addition to being greenhouses. This lets you create more clearance to get a larger greenhouse or move more furniture around.
    Many people also choose to place trophy cabinets in the corners of their rooms and convert those into greenhouses. This is easy because corners tend not to have much furniture or decoration in them in the first place. If they do, you can always push couches or desks out a few inches to make way for your cabinet.


    Choose Gorgeous Plants

    Once you know what type of cabinet you're getting (and what size plants it can hold), it's time to choose the exact life that you want to help thrive. You can choose your favorite plants and flowers by using prior knowledge and considering what your favorite flowers are. If you're unsure of where to begin, look online and find images of greenery and floral accents that you enjoy.
    Consider making a color scheme that fits in with the overall feel of your home. Your greenhouse is going to incorporate natural forest-hued foliage, but it also will more than likely include some flowers. Make sure that you're choosing blooms that match with the room's overall color scheme- you don't want anything to clash!
    You also should consider colour psychology, or the scientifically-proven phenomenon of colors impacting mood, when you choose flowers to showcase. If you want to display a calming greenhouse in your living room, blue tulips and hydrangeas are a perfect choice. On the flip side, consider marigolds and yellow dahlias for an invigoratingly joyful space.
    No matter what flowers you decide on, you'll need to make sure that they are sustainable for you prior to purchasing them. If they require more time than you have to give or more sunlight than your room contains, it may be best to go with a different variety. After all, if your flower's specific needs aren't met, they're going to die and wither fairly quickly.
    It's best to avoid this potential problem and do a bit of research before setting up your greenhouse.


    Decide on Your Display

    The next step after deciding what flowers to include is to begin designing your greenhouse!
    Think about the needs of your foliage before anything else. If you have a vine that needs tiny trellises to grow around, you'll need to make that central to your design. Place plants that need the most sunlight closest to the window or other light source to ensure that they can thrive.
    Once you've taken care of the practicalities, you can then begin thinking about where the larger plants are going to go. Since they take up the most space, it's essential that they are thought of first to make sure that there's enough room for them. Many people choose to put larger plants at the center of the display and surround them with smaller ones.
    You can also get tiny accessories to place in your greenhouse. A miniature rock garden or lawn gnome, for example, will give it a little bit of extra flair.
    If you get taller glass display cabinets, you may be able to include multiple greenhouses in one area. Make sure that you put flowers that need more sunlight on the top and those that need more shade on the bottom. The upper shelves will provide an umbrella of shadow over the lower ones, so you need to be aware of this.
    One cool idea on a taller shelf is to make a sort of rainbow. Start with red flowers on the top shelf and make your way down to yellow, green, and finally blue. You can, of course, place them in the opposite order- have fun with your display!


    Get Started

    While there are many different ways to spruce up your space, indoor greenhouses made from round glass cabinets are one of the best. They're all-natural, aesthetically pleasing, and give you a living thing to nurture and help grow.
    Now that you know how you can set up and care for these awesome greenhouses, it's time to get started. Contact us with any remaining questions that you have on setting up your greenhouse and to get help finding the cabinet that's right for your space. Our experts are happy to help you create a display that you're sure to love, so we look forward to you reaching out!


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