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    Show off your trophies and medals with a glass display cabinet

    Whether you're an individual sportsmen, or a club, if you've worked hard over the years and have medals and trophies to show off, why not consider a glass display unit to exhibit them in their best light? If you have children who take great pride in their achievements, then why not use a glass display unit to timeline their progress over the years rather than hiding their awards away in a drawer somewhere.

    Another advantage of storing your trophies and medals and other awards in a glass display unit, is that they no longer need dusting off all the time. You simply have to maintain the cleanliness of the Cabinet itself to show off your items in their best light.

    Another thing to consider is that when trophies and awards and medals etc share shelves with other things in the house, the collection tends to become muddled. The best way to organise them would be in their own glass unit. If you choose a unit made of toughened glass, this also gives added protection to your items.

    Sports clubs would do well to invest in corner units or wall mounted units to best preserve the integrity of the displays. In the corner, well lit glass display units can provide great interest and do not get in the way of the movement of people around social areas such as club bars. Wall mounted units are also useful as they can be fixed above seated areas and are great conversation stimulators.

    Schools interested in showing off the achievements of their best athletes to visitors, could take advantage of placing a well-designed class display unit in the lobby. Sturdy construction, and the use of toughened glass make these a good choice as they protect the items inside, and even in the event of a breakage, tend to shatter into small pieces rather than into dangerous shards of glass.

    Of course, it is important to come up with interesting presentation ideas and organise your trophies and medals in a way which makes the story of the achievements easy to follow. Best of all, because they will be housed inside glass units, they will not become engrossed in cobwebs and dust over time. With a regular cleaning schedule, polishing and creative lighting, you will always be able to present these tokens of achievement in their best light.

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