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    Showcase Your Finest: Using Glass Displays for Product Presentation

    You know you have a great product. You've done the market research and you understand your ideal customer. So, why are your sales not reaching the level you expected?

    What do you know about great product presentation? The way you present your product to customers matters. Showcasing your product correctly offers customers a clear view and demonstrates that quality is important to you.

    Discover how to amplify your store's product presentation and customer engagement through the clever use of glass display cabinets. Learn more here.

    Why is Product Presentation Important?

    You may be in business to sell products, but you are also a consumer. Think about it.

    What are your favorite stores to shop? How do you feel when you enter these stores? How do you want people to feel when they shop for your products?

    It doesn't matter if you are a brick-and-mortar store, online retailer, or an artisan that travels to show your products. Product display can make or break you.

    Who Uses Glass Display Cases for Product Presentation?

    Sellers who use glass cases for product presentation are looking for a certain ambiance and protection for their finest products.

    They are striving to offer their customer a shopping experience that offers them an uninterrupted view. A view that allows the potential buyer to examine your product and think about what it can do for them.

    Brick and Mortar Store

    Product presentation has been at the forefront of thought for every successful merchandiser since its earliest beginnings. Consider how displays have changed and how some seem to last through the test of time.

    If you own a physical store, you already know how important your storefront displays impact whether or not a buyer stays in your store to browse.

    Glass display cases offer your customer the freedom to fully see your products and protect you from theft.

    Online Retail

    The online market has exploded not just for retailers with long histories but also for entrepreneurs. Product presentation becomes even more important when operating an online store.

    You can throw some cloth up and maybe even buy some mock-ups, but what does that really say about your commitment to quality?

    How does your current product showcase tell the story of your brand and encourage your customers to continue clicking for multiple views?

    Festivals and Conventions

    If you have spent the money and the time to register for venues in which you can showcase your products that speak to buyers of a particular product, why would you skimp on your display cases?

    The competition is real at these events. Your product presentation impacts whether a potential buyer lingers or skips you completely, without so much as a glance.

    Types of Glass Display Cases

    It is important to know your product. It is important to know your customer. It is important to know how to bring them together.

    Tower Cabinets and Showcases

    Tall showcase cabinets offer a lot of versatility for retail display ideas. They offer multiple shelves for displaying many products.

    Imagine a wall of floor-to-ceiling glass cases at the back of your store. Arrange your checkout area in the middle of your shop. As potential customers enter your door, the impact of a thoughtfully arranged product display will encourage buyers to continue to move forward.

    Consider a revolving tower display case to allow buyers the most view within limited space. Adjust the multiple LED lights to enhance the view at any shelf level.


    Pedestals are single cabinets that showcase the spotlight on an individual product. They are often used in stores nearest the checkout or in gallery rows throughout a shop. Many pedestals come with storage cabinets beneath the glass pedestal.

    If you are an online retailer, a pedestal display cabinet can offer elegance to your product marketing. You can use the one display for changing out multiple products to be photographed.

    Set a clean background scene and let the cabinet do the rest of the work for you.

    Jewelry Cabinets

    If you are in jewelry sales, you know that you have a lot invested in your product. Choose jewelry cabinets that have humidity control, tempered glass, and a quality lock system.

    The Bravura MU180T Display Showcase offers all of these features and more in a sleek and modern design.


    In product presentation, dust is the enemy! Imagine your investment in beautiful glass displays that constantly require cleaning. Cleaning the outside of the display cases is one thing, but removing each product weekly is time-consuming and not the best environment for your products.

    Retail cabinets that are dustproof feature additional seals to keep dust and other particles from entering the case. They are ideal for large displays of multiple products in which the time saved from removing products and dusting far outway the minimal extra cost.

    Museum Grade

    For very large displays that may require some customization in the shape and size, Bespoke glass display cabinets offer optimal view and safety for your product presentation. They are custom-made to order and can incorporate your unique design ideas.

    Plan Your Product Showcase Today

    When properly arranged, quality glass cases are an investment that will pay for themselves. Selecting display cabinets for your product presentation can be a challenging endeavor. It can also be very exciting to see your business go to a new level.

    Consider your overall layout and the size cabinet and lighting that will best lead a buyer's eye to freely appreciate the products you have to offer. Think about how much time you will want to spend cleaning cabinets and how much protection your products will need.

    A professional can assist you with selecting the best glass display case for your product showcase. Contact our store for design assistance and expert advice for your retail display ideas.

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