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    Some of the cost benefits of investing in glass display cabinets

    We do not sell the cheapest display cabinets on the market, but we pride ourselves on sourcing some of the highest quality units available. Have you ever considered how an investment in a quality glass display Cabinet could actually save you money in the long term?

    One of the major areas where retailers lose money is through theft. This increases especially during the winter holiday period. Shops are much more crowded, people are more desperate, and in this atmosphere thieves can operate more efficiently.

    With the advent of new technology in the form of smart phones and tablets, small, easily hidden high-priced items have become much easier to steal. In addition to this, some store still leave valuable products unprotected. Speeding is a problem for any shop, but smaller businesses tend to get hit harder. Most large retail outlets and high-street chains have sophisticated CCTV security systems in place which deter thieves. They also usually employ security guards, especially during holiday times when there are more people about. Smaller retailers cannot often afford these luxuries. But just some small changes to your layout and a modest investment in intelligence shop fittings can radically reduce your losses due to theft.

    The best way to reduce opportunistic theft is too in case your most expensive products insecure glass display cases. Thieves are always looking for an easy opportunity so encasing your most expensive goods in this way will probably repay the initial outlay over the course of even one season.

    Another cost benefits of investing in quality glass display cases is that they tend to increase the perceived value of the items which are placed in them. Something that is protected and immediately conveys the idea that it is valuable, and more so than products are left out in the open. Top end jewellers have known this for centuries and used it to increase their turnover. However, it can be done with any object to some extent. It would be well worth you experimenting by changing your displays and investing in a decent glass Cabinet to see if this simple psychological sales technique works for you.

    Another cost benefits of glass display cabinets is that they can help you to optimise your retail space. If you look at our website, you will see that we have all sorts of units that can be placed in corners, against the wall, at the point-of-sale etc. Giving some intelligent consideration to your product placement and how you lay out items in this way can help you make the most of your square footage.

    A final cost benefit to consider when investing in glass display cabinets is viewing them as an alternative to fixed shop fittings. Obviously, you want to grow your business and maybe one day outgrow your current premises. The more fixed shop fittings you have, the harder it is to transfer them to new premises in the future. Not so with glass display cabinets. Investing in quality glass cases means that one day when you outgrow your current premises, you can just up and move them with you. Because they are not fixed, screwed, glued, or built into walls and floors, you can also experiment with new layouts without major upheaval. Also, the costs glass display cases are mobile, freestanding and self-contained, if ever you needed to sell them, they tend to hold their value really well.

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