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    The Different Styles a Glass Cabinet Manufacturer Can Offer

    If you want to incorporate glass cabinets into your home or business, you have many options. Learn what styles a glass cabinet manufacturer can offer.

    Do you want your business or home to look more modern and upscale? Do you want a way to keep your merchandise secure while clearly visible to clients? Then glass cabinets may be the best investment for you.

    Glass has a sleek look that's able to blend with a variety of interior decor styles. Even better, many glass cabinets come with lockable doors and strong, tempered glass so that you're not skimping on security. 

    From displaying merchandise to art, glass cabinets and glass display cases make a statement without upstaging the items they're meant to display. 

    Read on to learn the styles a glass cabinet manufacturer is able to supply for you today!

    Tower Cabinets

    Tower cabinets can add height to rooms and make a small space appear larger with their smaller footprint. Because of their size, glass tower cabinets are best to use with large statement pieces for your business. Those statement pieces can be collectible items, rewards and trophies, or expensive items that need to be showcased.

    These types of cabinets are best to purchase with integrated lights and lockable doors to keep your items safe but also professionally present the items inside. They can also come in a variety of shapes depending on your needs, such as: 

    • Corner shaped
    • Crescent-shaped
    • Hexagonal shaped

    Consider adding features such as rotating displays inside. This is often recommended if the cabinet is going in a corner where customers can't view the merchandise from all sides.

    Trophy Cabinets

    Trophy cabinets are tall like tower cabinets but they are built to hold one item inside, similar to the way museums showcase pieces of sculptural art. These are a great choice if you want to place a trophy or a piece of art inside, as the glass for cabinets can be UV bonded.

    These cabinets often have options of adding an additional shelf, adding pendant lighting, and some even have removable glass sides so that you can showcase your items without the added glare.

    Remember to invest in a lockable door if you're displaying any precious items–the opaque bottom half can also be used as lockable storage.

    Glass Counters

    Glass counters are probably the most versatile cabinet style you can choose for your business. Not only are they great ways to display large numbers of merchandise, but they can also be used at events and showrooms for a professional-looking edge over the competition.

    Glass counters come in a variety of sizes and shapes such as square, double-wide, corner-shaped, and oval. Remember that some manufacturers can create custom glass counters for your business if you have unique needs.

    These cabinets are often made with tempered glass, meaning the glass is stronger and less prone to breaking or shattering.


    Wall-mounted glass cabinets are the perfect way to save space, add a modern touch, and display merchandise or plateware all at the same time. More and more homeowners are choosing wall mounted, glass kitchen cabinets because of their ability to open up small spaces. If you have a neutral looking kitchen, it's also an easy way to add a pop of color by displaying colorful plateware. 

    Wall-mounted cabinets for your business also add a decorative element to your walls while keeping the interior on-brand. You can display more of your items for sale or decorative items that pertain to your business, such as old memorabilia, awards, or models. 

    These cabinets can come with sliding doors, swinging doors, or no doors at all. They can also be made of all glass or with wood finishes that match your interior decor style. 

    Glass Shelving

    Glass shelving can be as versatile as glass counters. They can benefits businesses from all industries by displaying items for sale with a modern and minimalist touch. Low display units can also be used for office supplies, decorative touches in lobbies, or as professional-looking coffee stations.

    Shelving units can also be used for more than displaying merchandise, such as a modern bookshelf or filing system.

    Speciality Custom Cabinets

    If your business needs to showcase speciality items in their best light, there are glass cabinets available that can meet those needs. For instance, jewellery presentation showcases are smaller cabinets that are built with lockable doors and toughened glass. Customers are able to take a good look at the jewellery inside without being able to open the cabinet. 

    There are also glass cabinets available that come with storage at the bottom. This can be beneficial for businesses that need to constantly restock their shelves. Spas selling hair and skincare products or clothing boutiques can easily benefit from an easy to access, lockable storage compartment on their glass cabinets. 

    Glass Cabinet Manufacturer Offerings for Businesses

    As you can see, a glass cabinet manufacturer is able to offer far more than simple glass cabinets with a couple of shelves. These cabinets can add a modern and clean touch to any business. They also include practical add-ons that help the business run better, such as storage cabinets and lockable doors.

    Glass is often used to display expensive items or pieces of art. With this in mind, glass cabinets can also be customised with subtle LED pendant lighting and felt bases.

    Display Cabinets Direct is an independent company that specialises in a variety of glass cabinet styles, from budget to high-end. Bespoke and custom-made cabinets are available on request, and all cabinets come with lockable doors as the standard. Ready to begin your glass cabinet shopping experience? Shop by style to get started!   





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