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    Top Tips for Displaying Items in a Glass Display Case

    Beginning this month, we are beginning a series of articles with our top tips for displaying items in glass display cases.

    Whether you’re an avid collector of figurines, have precious items to sell in your shop, or want to proudly show off trophies and achievements, a glass display case can provide the perfect setting. A great way to show off what you have while still providing protection, a glass display case is the ideal solution. However, even though it’s transparent, there are a few factors you should consider in order to display your items to their full potential. Here are a few top tips on how to display items in a glass display case.

    Wall Mounting:

    Depending on the items you are displaying, you might want to consider whether a wall mounted display case will have a better effect. Small items or smaller cases often look better mounted on the wall to enable the beauty of the collectables to be shown off to their full potential.


    Wall mounted glass display cases are particularly suited to shops and retail units.  For certain sectors, having to bend down to admire the contents of the display case can deter people and hide what’s inside. Eye level products are a more effective way to display products.

    A wall mounted glass cabinet is also a popular choice if space is at a premium.  Keeping floor space clear in small shops and boutiques can ensure shops are not overcrowded and allow for more customers to browse comfortably.

    For glass wall display cabinets in busy environments it is best to opt for lockable sliding doors rather than swing doors for health and safety.

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