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    Whats The Difference Between Framed and Frameless Glass Cabinets?

    Framed and frameless glass cabinets are two popular designs in home decor and cabinetry, each offering distinct aesthetic and functional characteristics.

    Framed Glass Cabinets come with a structural frame attached to the edges of the cabinet box. This frame, often made of aluminium or metal, provides additional support for the cabinet doors. The presence of a frame means that cabinet doors and drawers are typically attached to the frame itself, not directly to the cabinet box. Aesthetically, framed cabinets evoke a more traditional or classic look, as the frames can be seen when the doors or drawers are closed, creating defined borders around them. This design might add character to a space, emphasising craftsmanship and detail.

    On the other hand, Frameless Glass Cabinets, often termed "European style" cabinets, lack the outer frame. Instead, doors and drawers are directly attached to the cabinet box. This offers a sleek, seamless appearance, maximising storage space and allowing for full access to the cabinet's contents. The absence of a frame bestows a more contemporary and minimalistic feel, ideal for modern interiors. 

    In conclusion, while both styles have their merits, the choice between framed and frameless glass cabinets often boils down to personal aesthetic preference and desired functionality.

    Display Cabinets Direct can Custom make cabinets if you need something specific or we are happy to help you find a pre-designed cabinet in the style you want.

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