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  • Why you should make an investment in quality glass display cabinets

    What looks best in your opinion: Rolex watches on an MDF shelf, or Rolex watches inside a pristine glass cabinet display case? The answer is obvious but have you ever given it some serious thought with regards to your own product lines?

    You can fit out the store very cheaply using readily available materials from DIY stores and builders merchants, but will it give the right impression? The expression a pig in a poke comes to mind with the Rolex watch example above. That is obviously a high ticket luxury item marketed that affluent customers with a lot of spare cash. But people that sell Rolex watches encase them in glass because they know that to do otherwise would decrease how the products would be viewed anchored in fact lower the perception of the watch’s value.

    Glass display cabinets are very versatile and have many uses for the retailer. They are adaptable in terms of their sizes, designs, and the way that you can position them to radically alter your shop layout. With the careful use of lighting, they can also transform how you display products. This is a very important concept in the sales funnel, as it is essential to pique peoples curiosity. There is a motive used in mythology and novel writing known as the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper is some type of protection or deterrent between the antagonist of the story, and the goal of his quest. Gatekeepers are also seen outside of stories and mythology, a very obvious example being that of bouncers or doormen who guard the entrances to nightclubs. They doormen at the entrance creates the impression there is something worthwhile inside the needs guarding. With the case of a bouncer it is that only a select few can enter if they pass the selection process! Any the right clothes, shoes and attitude to get through.

    You may be wondering what on earth is has to do with glass display cabinets! It is the deep-seated psychological notion that items encased in glass are more valuable than those that are unprotected. You can increase this perception through subtle lighting and the use of other materials, such as velvet, quartz, even organic material such as rocks and wood. I have often seen very expensive watches on display in glass cabinets draped over interesting crystallised rocks. The display case acts as the Guardian, the rock as a source of strength and the watch itself as the object of the hero’s (or shopper’s in our case!) quest. These displays are not set up by accident or in an ad hoc manner but are dear to marketing and sales techniques that savvy display artists have known about for centuries.

    So think about how you can offset the cost of an investment in a quality glass display case against potential increased turnover stop you could experiment with just one case and see for yourself if it works or not. If you have success, then you can scale up and investing more display cabinets or think about an entire range that would add a sense of sophistication and class to your retail premises. Maybe for your initial purchase you could invest in a tower display case because this can reach out to people at eye level as they approach it. It could form a centrepiece of your retail space. If you find such an approach effective, then you could symmetrically add some cabinet type glass display cases to offset the tower.

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