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    Glass Cabinets for Exhibition

    Bespoke Glass Cabinets for Exhibition

    As we all know some projects call for you to stand out from the crowd, whether it be a static exhibition or travelling roadshow or at any event where you want to make a good fist impression.

    We can create glass cabinets and counter displays that can attract visitors to the items you want to display, wether that be jewellery or perhaps ancient artifacts. LED lighting, backlit bases, revolving shelving can all be employed to attract visitors to your exhibition display and that also enhances and highlights the item or artifact you wish to show.

    Lighting plays a big part in branding and highlighting the display area with fabrics, wood, stone and natural effects creating the right backdrop environment for the display and for the cabinet.

    At DCD we can take your design idea and turn it into a reality (within reason) Talk to us about your needs and we can start to help realize your project together.

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