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    Toys Models & Collectables


    Toy Models and Collection Cabinets in Glass

    Bespoke Model & Collections Display Cabinets

    Finding a display counter or cabinet that is just the right size with just the right spacing between the shelves can be difficult.

    We can supply made to measure display counters, showcases and wall units to display your collection.

    We can also incorporate lighting and security features into the design where required.

    Please complete the 'Request for a Quote' section below and include an outline of what you are looking to achieve and we'll contact you to discuss how we can assist.

    See our gallery of our projects featuring Bespoke Model & Collections Cabinets

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    Our Custom Cabinets

    The cabinets we provide can be changed and modified to your needs as a collector looking for a suitable place to display your most precious and treasured collections. As mentioned we can customise each display to your liking, whether that be a few extra shelves, specialist lighting or even the sizing so that your collection can perfectly fit into your home or display space.

    Whether your models or collections be of vintage toys, rare cards or even action figures we can guarantee that there is a cabinet right for you to make your collection look pristine. All of our specialist collectors cabinets are dustproof, lockable and come with toughened safety glass to prevent your items from becoming dusty, damaged or fiddled with, especially if your collection could be of high value.

    Our alluminium display cabinets are made in the UK and are definitely a quality purchase for your collectors items and come ready made so that you can set up your display in no time.

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