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  • Filled with Excellence: How to Organize Your Trophy and Medal Display

    Learn the proper way (and most impactful) to organize your trophy and medal display. Understand how to protect and show off your collection with glass cabinets.

    The next best thing after winning a trophy is displaying it.

    And there's no better way to unite people than by letting them admire your team's accomplishments.

    But how do you display your trophies in an elegant way? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to organize your trophy and medal display.


    First, Sort Out Your Trophies

    Before brainstorming trophy case ideas, decide which trophies you want to keep. If your team is blessed with a large collection, figure out which ones don’t mean as much to them anymore. 

    It’s important not to clutter your display case so determine which ones your team or business wants to show. You can donate old trophies to a local trophy shop if you don't want to throw them away. 

    But before donating, take a picture of the ones you’re not keeping so you have a moment.  


    Why Choose Glass Cabinets?

    Glass cabinets are the best display cases as they are secure and easier to use than other types. For example, you don't have to reach deep inside a display to retrieve a trophy. Instead, you can easily unlock the door and retrieve your team's trophy when necessary. 
    Further, glass cabinets are bright and modern, which will tie-in well with your business’s decor. The glass panes are perfect for displaying trophies and medals, and a great way to show off your team's biggest accomplishments.


    Measure Your Display Items

    First, measure the dimensions of your glass cabinet including the shelves. You don’t want to find out the biggest trophy is too tall to fit between the shelves.

    Arrange the group you want on each shelf to ensure the trophies and medals look elegant in the glass cabinet.

    Alongside trophies and medals, you can also display:
    • Plaques showing achievements
    • Badges
    • Team memorabilia 

    There’s no better way to ensure your accolades are safe than by using a glass display cabinet.


    Placement Is Everything 

    To maximize the trophy and medal shelf, decide where to place them within your glass cabinet. Keep the biggest trophy or the accomplishment your team is most proud of in the center so you can't miss it. 

    Aim to group accolades together. For example, alternate your green and blue medals or keep complementary colors together. Groupings look best when in odd numbers, such as three, five, and seven.

    You could group three small to medium-sized trophies on one shelf with a larger trophy above or below it. 

    You can also organize your trophies by height. Place the tallest ones at the back of the arrangement and bring the smaller ones to the front. Or, if that’s too organized, vary them by height so they make a statement.
    Another idea is to order them chronologically which is useful if you're showcasing a class’s achievement in sports.


    Check From Every Angle

    Consider the display from multiple angles. If there’s one side that looks better, bring it to the front to make it a stunning centerpiece.

    You can create an elegant display by adding medals, or a framed photograph of your team receiving the medal, to break up a wall of trophies. Experiment with the placement to ensure the accolades are highlighted in an elegant way.


    Lighting It Up

    To make the trophy display cabinet a show-stopper, light up your business's accomplishments. You can do this by illuminating cabinets with LED lights so they put a spotlight on each trophy.  


    Displaying In a Glass Cabinet

    Instead of installing a trophy shelf with hooks, glass cabinets for the living room or businesses ensure your trophies and medals are safe.

    Glass cabinets come in an array of shapes and sizes. Typically they have a glass or wooden shelves, lockable doors, and even interior lighting. Look at different models to find one that best aligns with your school or business’s decor.

    The most popular models include:


    Tower Display Cabinet

    Tower cabinets are a premium way to display your accomplishments while saving space. They are tall, narrow, and will make a statement. Further, you'll know your trophies are safe because of the lockable door.


    Corner Glass Cabinets

    This is the perfect option if you have little space. They fit snugly in the corner of the room while maintaining the same elegance as a standard-sized one. 

    Even though they're not the centerpiece, corner cabinets should blend seamlessly with your existing decor. 

    Short and Wide Glass Cabinets

    If you have limited wall space, consider this model. Short and wide cabinets also let you display items atop the cabinet or hang art over it to enhance your accomplishments.


    Benefits of Buying From a Specialist

    Getting your trophy cabinet from a specialist means:

    Better Range of Products

    Specialists have access to a varied and higher quality of products. They will give you an extensive catalog of models to ensure you find the perfect display for your business or classroom. 

    Expert Advice

    You can expect insider industry knowledge. Specialists will answer your questions about the models, offer maintenance tips, and give you sound advice.   

    Continued Support

    Once you buy the cabinet, many companies will provide follow-on support and help you with any future purchases.


    That's How To Maximize Your Trophy and Medal Display

    There are many ways to organize your trophy and medal display depending on your preference. Glass cabinets are an elegant way to do this, especially when you accent trophies with LED lights to highlight your business’s or student's achievements. Happy shopping!
    If you're searching for the perfect trophy cabinet for your business or school, we'd love to help. Contact us here for more information.

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