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    Modern Interior Design Tips For Glass Cabinets

    As you undertake modern interior design efforts, securing the perfect place for a glass wall display cabinet will be an important decision that will pay off

    In recent years, modern interior design has soared in popularity. So many have converted their spaces using these design practices for a sleek, cool look that can't be ignored. 
    An easy way to add some modern elements to your space is through a glass wall display cabinet. 
    These additions bring an exciting upgrade and special touch to any room. But you have to make sure to get the right piece or it can have the opposite effect and make the room look dated. We've compiled some tips to help you find the very best glass cabinet for your modern design. 


    Focus on Quality

    One of the most important, if not the most important, aspect of finding the right glass cabinet is looking at the quality. A low-quality piece will look silly and cheap. Where a high-quality cabinet will look sophisticated and interesting. 
    The cabinet itself can be made out of several different types of materials but the most common are wood and metal. These are both great options as they'll complement the glass without stealing the show if done right. They can provide the sturdiness that a glass cabinet needs to feel substantial while allowing the displayed items to shine. 
    When you use a higher-quality glass you'll be able to see your items clearly without glare or cloudiness. The whole point of a glass cabinet is for that high-impact display, that's ruined by the low-quality glass. 


    Mix-in Traditional Elements

    A difficult part of pulling off modern design is not making it feel cold and unwelcoming. The materials, shapes, and lines that are hallmarks of this design style can easily make you feel like you're in a museum. Adding in a glass front display cabinet can make your space feel even more museum-like without the proper precautions. 
    An easy way to combat that cold feeling is to mix-in a few traditional elements. 
    This could look like a warm-toned wood accent or added texture near the cabinet. Adding in personal touches, like treasured pictures, to the display cabinet can also make the place feel warmer. 
    There's a fine balance that has to be found when using a modern wide glass display cabinet in your home. But a few simple, deliberate additions can take it from museum display to stunning centerpiece in your home. 


    Look for Unique Shapes

    Chances are if you're looking to add a glass cabinet to your space, you're looking to add some drama and impact. A great way to do that is to utilize interesting shapes for your cabinet. 
    Modern design is so popular partly because of how the style lends itself to unique choices. It takes what is typical and turns it on its head for the desired response, everything can be transformed into something new. Cabinets are no different. There's no need to stick to the traditional format here. 
    Try a wall-mounted display or a cabinet removed from the wall. You can design a piece that's completely ready to stand alone or integrate it into a grouping. 
    The possibilities are endless with glass display cabinets, which makes them such an exciting opportunity in design. 


    Add Lighting for Additional Highlight 

    If you want to take your design to the next level, you can add even more highlight with lighting. 
    Lighting plays a crucial role in any professionally designed display and is a great way to elevate your space. It makes it feel more intentional and curated with just a simple addition. 
    There are a few different ways you can add lighting to your glass front display cabinet. The two main choices are to light the whole furniture piece or to spotlight the items within. Both of these choices will still increase the overall impact but each will give a different effect. 
    The great thing about adding lighting is that it's generally very simple and affordable but also makes a huge difference. That's the winning combination when designing a space. 


    Consider What to Display

    While the look of the glass cabinet is very important to the success of your design, what you decide to put in it will make or break the overall look. 
    It's important to pick the right kind of items to go into this kind of display. It's not your average bookshelf and shouldn't be treated that way. Consider only displaying items with some obvious significance or things that are special and different. 
    Often, it's helpful to have an idea of what you're going to put inside of your display before you make your final selection. This way you can make sure that the shape, materials, and design of the cabinet best compliment the contents inside. It would be a shame to have a cabinet that doesn't do its job of showcasing your treasures. 


    Develop Design Around the Display

    When you decide to add a wide glass display cabinet to your space, it's likely that you want that to be the focal point of the room. A glass cabinet isn't a typical furniture piece and shouldn't be treated as such. 
    Take care to design the rest of your space around that display to give it the moment to shine. 
    One of the best ways to pull of modern design is to keep most of the space as simple as possible. The simplicity and limited quantity of items give you the ability to focus on the ones that you do have. And that is the draw of modern interior design. 


    Using a Glass Wall Display Cabinet in Modern Interior Design

    Making design decisions can be overwhelming because there are so many to make to bring a room together. When you find the right glass wall display cabinet, it can pull your whole modern interior design together. 
    These special pieces help you display special items and key design elements in a practical and beautiful way. They add a touch of sophistication to any room. 
    If you're interested in seeing your options or designing a custom piece, contact us today to get started! 


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