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    Visual Merchandising 101: Top Ways to Improve Jewelry Store Displays

    Do you feel your jewelry store displays lack oomph? If yes, here are some tried and true visual merchandising tips that will help show off your jewelry items.

    Visual branding is the best way to attract and engage customers, both online and offline. If you own a retail store where the product goal is to influence and improve the customer's appearance, you need to learn the art of visual merchandising.
    People are constantly exposed to commercials, ads, recommendations, and billboards. Companies big and small compete for the customer's attention, yet, ironically, the average customer attention span keeps decreasing.
    With visual products like jewelry, you as a business owner should pay special attention to the way you display them. The goal is to keep the customer's eyes on the piece, while subtly displaying art elements, pricing, and light.
    Read on to learn the basics of visual merchandising and make your jewelry store displays the focal point of your store.

    1. Have Good Lighting and Mirrors

    For displaying your jewelry in its full glory, use good lighting in your cabinets, drawers, and shelves. For example, high-end jewelry stores want their customers to be in awe of the quality, sparkle, shine, and craftsmanship of the pieces.
    Be careful to keep the light simple and not too harsh so as not to overpower the jewelry. Lighting is also important on your window display, especially at night, when the store is closed. As people pass by, the lighting will attract their attention. The store windows should be well-lit to highlight the jewelry without illuminating the rest of the store.
    Mirrors are a great way to make the store more elegant and sophisticated. Install a few mirrors throughout your store and have a few portable ones at hand. Customers will want to see how the pieces look on them and if the jewelry metals complement their skin tone.
    Big mirrors also create an illusion of space, so you can install them in cabinets, cases, and shelves to reflect the light and highlight the items.

    2. Go For Simplicity

    Your jewelry display products should never outperform the actual jewelry pieces. It's essential to keep the display simple, minimal, and creative so that the jewelry is front and center, and the display cabinets and props are just supporting elements.
    This doesn't mean your jewelry display should be boring or unoriginal. You can always create themes to match the collections, the current season, upcoming holidays, the store birthday, or important life events like weddings and anniversaries.
    If you want to make the store unique and artistic, keep the display cases simple and minimal, but decorate the walls, floor, and ceiling to represent your values and brand.

    3. Use Beautiful Jewelry Display Cabinets

    Customers are visual creatures, so visual merchandising should be your top priority. Your choice of jewelry store showcases can make or break your sales. If you don't make an effort, customers won't be drawn to your products, and if you go overboard, they'll be turned off by the clutter.
    Glass display cabinets are the perfect choice for jewelry stores because the items will stand out on a clear, plain background. You can always add silk cushions, a pop of color, metal elements, lights, and mirrors to help accentuate the jewelry.
    Customers can move around the store to browse and you can be sure the items are safe, yet beautifully displayed. 


    4. Utilize The Store Space Efficiently

    No matter the size of your store, you need a plan for making the space functional and efficient. Aside from keeping the jewelry in glass cabinets and counters, you can also make use of empty walls and corners.
    The floor plan should allow customers to walk around freely, without colliding with other customers. The employees should be able to observe the store from all angles and keep an eye for thieves and suspicious movement.
    If you have an empty wall, you can install glass shelves, wall prints, or TV screens that'll display your most beautiful jewelry. This will give the store a personal touch and may even boost sales if customers see how they can style the jewelry.


    5. Space Out Popular and High-Selling Items

    The most common mistake retailers make is putting all the popular and high-selling items together. Customers will flock to the area without looking around the store for other products. While this may sound good for business, you're missing out on extra sales.
    Before your most popular items became bestsellers, they were regular items that caught people's attention. Give your other products a chance by spacing out the popular items throughout the store and displaying them in combination with your newer or less-popular items. This will make customers walk around and see the entire array of products you're offering.


    6. Display Prices In A Subtle Way

    The main focal point of your jewelry retail displays should be the beauty of the pieces, not the prices. This is especially important if you sell high-end jewelry, designer pieces, and diamonds.
    When you give customers a seamless shopping experience, the price point will be the last thing they notice. Displaying pricing will also help customers decide which pieces are within their budget instead of asking about the price of each piece out loud.

    7. Put The Most Expensive Pieces At The Back

    Make your customers walk through the entire store to get to your best, most expensive pieces. Put jewelry display counters all the way through so they see what else you have. This is a great way to increase sales for high-margin items like gold, gemstones, and pieces other than diamonds.
    It's the same philosophy supermarkets use - they put everyday essentials like bread, coffee, milk, and toilet paper at the very back of the store. This forces customers to pass through the entire store and may pick up a few extra items on their way there.


    Let The Jewels Sparkle With Stunning Jewelry Store Displays!

    Whether you're selling diamonds or handmade items, the jewelry store displays you use are crucial to your store's sales.
    Customers make decisions based on what attracts them visually, and if your pieces are the main focus of the display, it's easy to make a sale.
    Want more visual merchandising tips for your store? Here are 7 unusual retail display case ideas that'll help you boost sales and attract more customers.

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