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    How to Use Glass Case Pedestals in Home Decorating

    Glass case and enclosed pedestals are not just for museums. Check out these awesome ways to use them in your home to give your space an extra pop of style.

    Are you an art enthusiast or an avid collector? Maybe you're a talented athlete with tons of trophies to your name. Or maybe you're looking to add a touch of modern elegance to your home decor. 
    Whatever your interests and style, glass case pedestals can be a wonderful addition to any room of your house. They allow you to display any piece of art or decor that you think deserves some special attention. Plus, pedestals are a great way to add variety and style to your current furnishings. 
    Are you looking for some ideas on how to incorporate pedestals into your home decor? Read on for some display and decorating ideas sure to suit your home. 


    What Can I Display on Pedestals?

    Pedestals are a stylish way to draw attention to whatever item you choose. It's popular to display artwork on pedestals, but that's by no means the only good option.
    Pedestals are a great way to show off whatever you're proud of. That could be a collection of memorabilia, trophies, interesting curios! Here are some ideas for how to dress up your pedestal. 


    Sculptures are a common item to display on pedestals and for good reason. By placing a sculpture on a tall pedestal, you draw attention to it and give it space to shine center-stage. Many pedestals also come with lighting options included so you and your guests will be able to see every gorgeous detail. 
    Pedestals can also help to protect valuable sculptures and other items. Look for options with a glass enclosure to keep your items safe from dust and accidents.


    Pottery and China 

    Do you have a piece of beautiful pottery you'd like to display? Maybe you've inherited some lovely antique china. Placing it on a pedestal is a great alternative to storing it away in a cupboard somewhere. 



    Winning a trophy is an impressive achievement, so your award deserves to be shown off. If you're looking for a stylish trophy display, a glass case pedestal is the perfect thing. 



    Do you have a hobby that includes collecting lots of fascinating items? Whatever your interest may be, from coins to action figures, give it the attention it deserves by placing your collection on a pedestal for all to see. It's a great way to enjoy viewing your collection every day and to share it with your visitors. 


    Flowers and Plants

    By placing a floral arrangement or houseplant on a pedestal, the room will instantly feel more lush and vibrant. Plants are a great way to add a little life and color to a space, and by putting them on pedestals, you'll draw more attention to them. This is an especially good idea for displaying plants with draping leaves, such as vines or large ferns. 


    Seasonal Decor

    You can use pedestals as a spot for all your favorite seasonal decor. It'll make your home feel extra festive, and changing your decor throughout the year will add variety.

    Decorative Lighting

    While many types of pedestals have their own lighting, you can use a style without to display decorative lamps or candles. This puts the lighting on display and allows you to elevate it to the most useful height. 


    How to Incorporate Pedestals into Your Home Decor

    Display pedestals bring a modern and sophisticated touch to any home. It's easy to incorporate them into your decor no matter what your style is. Here are some ideas on how to decorate with display pedestals. 


    A Focal Point

    Do you have an area of a room that feels kind of empty and uninteresting? A display pedestal becomes an easy focal point. Place a sculpture or vase of flowers on a pedestal, and you have an instant work of art.  


    In a Corner

    Even if a room is already furnished, a display pedestal will fit neatly into any corner. It adds a ton of visual interest without taking up much space at all. Plus, the pedestal and your items will be well-protected in such an out of the way place. 


    Add Height to a Room

    If you have a lot of decor and furniture of about the same height, a pedestal is a great way to add some variety. Too much decor of the same height can make a room feel a bit monotonous. 
    Pedestals are an especially good piece of decor for small spaces. They draw the eye upward and create a sense of spaciousness in the room. 


    Pedestals with Lighting 

    Display pedestals with built-in lighting are an effective way to brighten up a dim room or a dark corner. The item displayed on it will look extra striking in contrast to the rest of a low-lit area.


    Decorate with Multiple Pedestals

    You can use more than one pedestal to create an elegant arrangement. In order to ensure a cohesive look, choose pedestals of a similar style. 
    One idea for arranging multiple pedestals is to put two of the same height on either side of an object to create a framing effect. You could frame a doorway, a piece of artwork, or anything else you choose. 
    Another idea is to create a grouping of pedestals of different heights. This will create visual variety and balance. Make sure that whatever you decide to display on them complements the size of the pedestal. 


    Decorating with Pedestals Your Way
    Display pedestals are a great addition to any style of decor. They let you show off whatever is important to you while adding style and sophistication to a room. 
    Looking to find the perfect pedestal for your home? Check out our collection of glass pedestals and other display cabinets to find the perfect one for you. 


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